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Promotion History

Pro Wrestling Zero1 is a promotion founded by the late Shinya Hashimoto after he was released in 2000 by New Japan Pro Wrestling. Hashimoto was not alone when he was released from New Japan as Shinjiro Ohtani followed suit and decided to help out his friend in this new project. In January of 2001, Zero1 was up and running and has been shows without too many issues except for a period in late 2004 when Hashimoto officially stepped down as the owner of ZERO1.

Shinjiro Ohtani and Yoshiyuki Nakamura would take over full responsibilities of the promotion which would be now called Pro Wrestling Zero1-Max. With the name change also came the connection to the AWA Superstars of Wrestling, an off base of the original American Wrestling Alliance, and began running with their titles respective titles (Read in the Champions/Championships for more info on the titles over the years.)

Zero1’s partnership with AWA would only last a few years because in late 2007 AWA would be sited for using the AWA name when the WWE owned sole rights to the AWA properties. This would not cause that huge of an issue, like expected, but they would have their main Heavyweight Championship, Masato Tanaka being champion at the time, removed completely from the promotion. Zero1 would go the smart route and just back create their own belts under their name, so that this issue would just not happen again.

Zero1 has been running without too many issues since 2008, and is looking to build themselves up to top contenders as a top promotion in Japan.


Championships and Current Champions

ZERO1 World Heavyweight Champion

ZERO1 International Junior Heavyweight Champion & NWA World Junior Heavy Champion

Intercontinental Tag Team Championship

UN Heavyweight Championship

International Lightweight Tag Team Championship


Tournaments and Leagues

Fire Festival

Current Reigning Champion: 

The Fire Festival is a yearly tournament held by Zero1 that is open to all wrestlers from around the world, though only one outsider has one the tournament and that was Satoshi Kojima back in 2003.
This tournament was originally created by Hashimoto to see who “is the strongest in the world.”
The winner is awarded with the “Fire Festival Sword” which they hold until the next the next years scheduled tournament.

Furinkazan Tag League

Current Reigning Champions:

A yearly Tag Team tournament held by Zero1.

Tenkaichi Jr League

Current Reigning Champion:

A yearly Junior Heavyweight created by the late Shinya Hashimoto that has the interesting concept of being based around the system of a wrestler vying to earn all of the “Dragon Balls.” The balls are none other than glass sphere’s which when a wrestler gains all of them they are in turn given the ability to make a wish.

An example of the wish is Hidaka asking for Zero1 to sign Shoichi Funaki, his sensei, to a contract.


Zero1 Wrestler’s / Main Roster

Fujita, Mineo
Hidaka, Ikuto
Obata, Yusaku
Otani, Shinjiro
James Raideen
Sai, Ryoji
Sato, Kohei
Sugawara, Takuya
Tanaka, Masato
Ueda, Shito /Daemon Ueda / Masakado
Yokoyama, Yoshikazu


Ito, Takafumi
Fujita, Minoru

Kaijin Habu-Otoko
Nagashima, “Jienotsu” Yuichiro
Sato, Hikaru
Sawa, Munenori
Sekimoto, Daisuke

Hashimoto Shinya

Former Wrestlers / Retired
Kakinuma, Kenta
Saito, Yuzuru
Takanishi, Shota
Hashimoto, Daichi

Past Gaikokujin Wrestlers
Alex Shelley
Bambi Killer [Chris Raaber]
Chris Sabin
CW Anderson
Frank David
Samoa Joe
Sonjay Dutt
Steve Corino
Craig Classic
Jack Anthony
Jason New
Jonahthan Gresham
Mark Coffey
Maybach β (Boris Brezhnev)
Sebastian (Concrete) Suave
Tama Williams

Fire Festival

Tenkaichi (Best on Earth) Junior Tournament

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2002 Wataru Sakata Naohiro Hoshikawa Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Ikuto Hidaka, Kazuhiko Ogasawara, CW Anderson, Dick Togo & Yoshihito Sasaki

Wish: To face Low-ki and unify the Junior Heavyweight Belts, Result: Win (8/31/2003)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2004 Tatsuhito Takaiwa Tomohiro Ishii Hoshikawa, Low-Ki, Osamu Nishimura, Wataru Sakata, Ikuto Hidaka, Leonardo Spanky, Zebraman & Jun Kasai

Wish: Match against Shinya Hashimoto, Result: Never happend, Hashimoto injured.

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2005 Yoshihito Sasaki Takehiro Murahama Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Ikuto Hidaka, M. Fujita, Gamma, Danshoku Dino, PSYCO, Sanjay Dutt & Alex Shelley

Wish: To face the winner of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors. Result: Never happened.

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2006 Minoru Fujita Sugawara Gentaro, Billy Moreno, Y. Sasaki, Ausie Ozborne, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, M. Fujita, Hidaka, Takaiwa

Wish: To face his teacher TAJIRI. Result: Loss (October 2006)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2007  Masato Tanaka  Mochizuki Hidaka, Sugawara, Takemura, Minoru Fujita, Naoki Tanizaki, Dick Togo, Sawa, Chad Malenko

Wish: To hold an event at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2008 Tatsuhito Takaiwa Minoru Hidaka, Sugawara, Minoru Fujita, Sawa, Great Sasuke, Kinbos Rice

Wish: To face Yuji Nagata for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship. Result: Loss (Dec. 17, 2008)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2009 Ikuto Hidaka Prince Devitt Sugawara, Minoru Fujjita, Munenori Sawa, Sanjay Dutt, Magnitude Kishiwada, Fujita “Jr” Hayato, Akira Tozawa & Hajime Ohara

Wish: For his sensei FUNAKI to come to ZERO1 and for them to team together. Result: Loss (May 5, 2009)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2010 Ikuto Hidaka Kaijin Habu Otoko Munenori Sawa, Tyson Dux, Hikaru Sato, Yuzuru Satio, Mineo Fujita, Sanjay Dutt, Takuya Sugawara, Minoru Fujita

Wish:  To defend his Jr. Heavyweight belt against close friend Takafumi Ito. Result: Win (March 6, 2011)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2011 Munenori Sawa Fujita “Jr” Hayato Hidaka, Mineo Fujita, Ito, Kaijin Habu Otoko, Sugawara, Susumu Yokosuka, Super Crazy, Robby Heart

Wish: For the final BattlARTS show on 11/5/2011 to be sold out/packed arena. Result: Success (announced to have sold out soon after his win)

Year Winner Runner-Up Other Participants
2012 Jonathan Gresham Ikuto Hidaka Sugawara, Takaiwa, Genki Horiguchi HAGee.Mee!!, HUB, Mineo Fujita, Menso~re Oyaji, Daichi Hashimoto, Craig Classic, Sicodelico Jr., Robbie Heart, Sean Guinness, Frank David, Phil Boyd, Jason New, Ho Ho Lung

Wish: no wish Result: (pending)

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