ZERO1 results for April 16, 2017

~ Tenkaichi Junior League Day 7
~ A BLOCK : Hayato “Jr” Fujita vs Sean Guinness – Takuya Sugawara vs Shinjiro Otani
~ B BLOCK : Ikuto Hidaka vs Takumi Tsukamoto Continue reading

ZERO1 [Fire Festival Day 1 – Tenkaichi Final] results for July 16, 2015

ZERO1 “15th Annual Midsummer Fire Festival 2015”, 7/16/2015 [Thu] 19:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo ~ The Fire Festival opening ceremony was held to begin the show. 11 out of the 12 wrestlers attended, Sekimoto was competing for BJW today, as Sai returned the Fire Sword back to the committee.  … Continue reading

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[ZERO1 News] The matches have been announced for the upcoming Fire Festival tournament as well as Fujita “Jr” Hayato being added to the tournament as the final competitor. The blocks have been situated as follows… 15th Annual Midsummer Fire Festival 2015 Announced Competitors… A BLOCK・Kohei Sato [2004 Winner / 15th year competing] … Continue reading

ZERO1 [Tenkaichi 1st Round] results for June 29, 2015

ZERO1 “12th Tenkaichi Junior Tournament ~ Crystal Wars”, 6/29 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo (1) Tenkaichi 1st Round Match: Tatsuhito Takaiwa [FREE] vs. PSYCHO [FREE]◆Winner: Takaiwa (9:02) following a Powerbomb combo to Death Valley Driver. (2) Tenkaichi 1st Round Match: Iriomote Wild Cat [FREE] vs. Eisa8 [FREE]◆Winner: Eisa8 (9:35) following … Continue reading

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[ZERO1 News] A press conference was held as ZERO1 officially announced that the Tenkaichi Junior tournament will be returning this year. Jason Lee, Takuya Sugawara, Ikuto Hidaka, and Mineo Fujita as they will be the main ZERO1 competitors taking part in the tournament. The tournament has been scheduled for a … Continue reading