News Listings for August 7, 2018

~ BASARA : Isami Kodaka versus Masashi Takeda set for 9/21 at Korakuen.
~ BJW : Updated event card for the 8/12 show at Korakuen, Shinobu vs. Kazuki Hashimoto to main event + Day 1 of the Saikyo Tag League.
~ DDT : The 3rd round matches set for the KING OF DDT on 8/24.
~ DNA : Takeshita to miss the 8/10 show due to injury, Akito to take his place.
~ NOAH : The full card announced for the 8/18 show at Korakuen, Hi69 & Minoru Tanaka to defend the GHC Jr. Tag belts against HAYATA & YO-HEY.
~ TAKAYAMANIA : Shuji Kondo to replace Kaz Hayashi on the
~ ZERO1 : Matches announced fro the 8/19 show at the Shinkiba 1stRING. Continue reading

Puroresu Spirit 2017 Joshi Year End Award Winners

~ Joshi 2017 Year End Awards Continue reading

WAVE results for December 15, 2016

Pro Wrestling WAVE “YOUNG OH! OH! THE FINAL” 12/15/16 [Thur] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo   (1) Cherry & Matsuya Uno vs Mika Iida & Kyuri ♦Winner: Cherry (12:13) with the Jigoku e Yōkoso (2) Mio Momono vs Sawako Shimono ♦Winner: Shimono (8:02) with the Raiden Drop (3) Battle Royal: Rydeen Hagane … Continue reading

Daily News Listing for June 6, 2016

~ BJW : Updated 6/18 event card, Ueki wants a deathmatch at the Ryogoku show.
~ NJPW : Results of the 13th day of the BOSJ, league block finals, final day card released.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Tokyo IC Tag defense set for 8/25 show.
~ JOSHI : News from Stardom and WAVE. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/22/2016

~ AJPW : Notes from the 6th day of the Champion Carnival.
~ BJW : Notes from today’s show in Shinkiba.
~ DG : Full event card released for 5/5 show.
~ FREEDOMS : Kasai vs Masaoka officially decided, title vacant a new champion will be crowned.
~ NOAH : GHC Jr. Tag title match set for 4/30 show.
~ ZERO1 : Full event card for Korakuen Hall show on 5/6. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/17/2016

~ AJPW : Notes from the 4th of the Champion Carnival.
~ BASARA : 4/28 event card released in Yokohama.
~ DDT : Notes from today’s KO-D 6 Tag match + updated 4/24 card.
~ K-DOJO : Notes from today’s show at Korakuen, title defenses.
~ NJPW : Notes from today’s show in Yamanashi.
~ NOAH : Killer Elite Squad make their 10th defense of the GHC Tag belts.
~ W-1 : Notes from today’s show, UWA 6 Tag match went ahead as a previously scheduled.
~ Joshi : Notes from today’s title defenses from JWP, Stardom, and WAVE. Continue reading

Sadism: A Week of Kana

> Sadism – “The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others. (in general use) deliberate cruelty.” This week starts a very special edition of the series, as obviously Asuka will be getting a chance to accomplish a dream of hers, wrestling in … Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 3/21/2016

AJPW : Notes from today’s show in Okinawa, Triple Crown & World Jr. defenses.
BJW : Notes and results from today’s show + BJW Death Heavy defense.
DDT : Notes and results from today’s Ryogoku show.
K-DOJO : Notes from today’s show, UWA defense + Next ST-K challenger set.
JOSHI : Notes from today’s Ice Ribbon, Osaka Joshi, and Stardom Continue reading