News Listings for June 13, 2017

~ BJW : Full card announced fro the 6/21 show at the Shinkiba 1stRING.
~ DNA : More matches announced for the Korakuen Hall show on 7/4.
~ NOAH : Press conference for Nakajima vs Kotoge on 6/25, Matches announced for July’s “Junior Heavy Tag League”, and former MMA fighter Seiichi Ikemoto to have a special exhibition match on 7/20.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Kaz Hayashi announced two more league’s for 2017, the “W-1 Tag League” and the “W-1 Cruiser Fes(t)”. Then the full event card was announced for the 6/18 show as Daiki Inaba returns after two months follow a concussion.
~ ZERO1 : Half of the wrestlers announced for the upcoming “Fire Festival”, 10 wrestlers in one single block, as well as the full tour dates were also released. Continue reading

News Listings for June 12, 2017

~ AJPW : Shuji Ishikawa vs. Suwama announced to be taking place on 7/17 at Korakuen. Early event cards announced for the July tour of shows.
~ BJW : Updated event cards, full card announced for 6/18 show, another match added to the 7/17 show at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, and then more matches announced for the “Kaki Aid” show on 8/14 at Korakuen.
~ DDT : Updated event card for the 6/25 show at Korakuen.
~ NJPW : Full event card released for the “KIZUNA ROAD 2017” tour of shows, 3 title matches announced for the Korakuen Hall shows. NEVER 6 defense on 6/20, NEVER Openweight defense on 6/26, and then the IWGP Junior belt to be defended on 6/27.
~ The full event card announced for the NJPW “G1 SPECIAL in USA” 7/1, full title matches announced for the two shows as well as the tournament to crown the first ever US Heavyweight Champion.
~ W-1 : Yasu Urano vs Andromeda KEN announced the A.C.E. show on 7/2. Continue reading

News Listing for June 9, 2017

~ AJPW : Two European wrestlers announced to compete in All Japan this Summer, Massimo and Danny Jones.
~ BASARA : Full event card announced for the 6/19 show at 1stRING.
~ DDT : More matches announced for the 6/25 show at Korakuen, KING OF DDT FINALS + Special Osaka Tag match announced to take place on 7/14.
~ DNA : Updates for the 7/4 show at Korakuen, Kazusada Higuchi’s DNA graduation match.
~ FREEDOMS : More matches announced for the 7/5 show at Korakuen.
~ NEW : Matches updates for 6/17 and 6/18 shows.
~ NOAH : GHC Tag match set to take place on 7/20 in Osaka, Maru & Maybach vs. Nakajima & Kitamiya.
~ W-1 : UWA 6 Tag match announced for 6/18 and W-1 Tag defense set for 6/24.
~ ZERO1 : Special pre-Fire Festival 6 man tag match announced for the 6/22 show at Korakuen. Continue reading

WRESTLE-1 results for June 6, 2017

~ W-1 Championship : Shotaro Ashino vs Koji Doi
~ W-1 Tag : Masayuki Kono & Takanori Ito vs Manabu Soya & Ganseki Tanaka
~ W-1 Cruiserweight : MAZADA vs Kaz Hayashi Continue reading

News Listings for May 25, 2017

~ DNA : Koji Kanemoto vs. Mizuki Watase announced for 7/4 show.
~ BJW : Big Japan and Masahito Kakihara will host “Kaki Aid” on 8/14 at the Korakuen Hall. Kakihara will face Yoshiaki Fujiwara in a special sparring match.
~ FMW : Onita, Yaguchi & Hosaka vs Suwama, Aoki & Hikaru announced for the 6/8 show at the Shinjuku FACE.
~ FREEDOMS : Full card announced for 6/4 show, Susumu to defend the UWA World Junior belt against PSYCHO.
~ NEW : Full card announced for 5/27 show + Suzukawa & Okuda vs. Kazunari Murakami & Kohei Sato announced for the 6/2 show at Korakuen Hall.
~ NOAH : Quiet Storm’s return match announced for 6/20, as Yone & Storm take on Marufuji & Taniguchi.
~ W-1 : Updated event card for the 5/28 show in Nagano.
~ Yuko Miyamoto to hold his own self-produce show on 9/23. Miyamoto & Kodaka vs. Sekimoto & Okabayashi announced for the main event. Continue reading

News Listings for May 23, 2017

~ AJPW : Title Defenses and event cards announced for the June tour of shows.
~ BASARA: Full event card announced for the 6/1 show.
~ BJW : Updated event cards for the early June shows, Yokohama 6 Tag defense set for 6/4 and Deathmatch Heavy set for 6/10 (Masaya vs Tsukamoto).
~ DDT : KO-D Tag defense set for the 6/11 show, Irie & Higuchi vs HARASHIMA & Soma.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : A couple more matches announced for the 7/19 show.
~ W-1 : Daiki Inaba out with an injury, updated event cards for the 5/28 and 6/6 shows.
~ ZERO1 : Event card announced for the 5/28 Cho-Hanabi show in Koga, Onita & Otani vs. TARU & Sugawara. Continue reading

News Listings for May 19, 2017

~ AJPW : Suwama to miss 5/21 show + Updated event card including BANG! TV World Heavyweight defense.
~ K-DOJO : Full event card announced for the 6/4 show in Kyoto + ST-K Tag defense.
~ NEW : Full event card announced for the 5/21 show, including Masakatsu Funaki vs. Shinya Aoki.
~ NJPW : Notes from Public Strategy – Bushiroad’s plans for New Japan’s continued growth + Talent announced for the “G1 Special in USA” in early July.
~ NOAH : Jr. Tag League to be held in July.
~ TOKYO GURENTAI : Kazushi Sakuraba announced to compete on the 7/29 show.
~ WRESTLE-1 : “WRESTLE-1 GRAND PRIX 2017” 1-Day tournament to be held on 7/12. Updated 5/20 event card as Jay Freddie returns to Japan. Continue reading