WRESTLE-1 results for December 10, 2017

~ W-1 Championship : Shotaro Ashino vs Takanori Ito
~ W-1 Tag :Koji Doi & Kumagoro vs Yuji Hino & Jake Omen
~ W-1 Cruiserweight : Seiki Yoshioka vs Ryuji Hijikata Continue reading

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[W-1 News] “new WILD order” held a press conference to celebrate their 2 newest members into the group. Soya stated that the purpose of today’s meeting is to officially celebrate the re-starting of the group as the “wild force” is now grown to a new level. Following the “Wild Audition Match” on … Continue reading

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[WRESTLE-1 News] The full event card has been announced for the upcoming show on 4/1 and Daiki Inaba will be out of action as he undergoes surgery on his shoulder. W-1 announced that Daiki Inaba will be undergoing surgery to his right shoulder following yet a dislocation following the KASSEN … Continue reading

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[W-1 News (Part 2)] WRESTLE-1 announced the next defenses for the W-1 Championship and Tag Championship to take place on April 1st at the Korakuen Hall. Following the show on 3/8, a new W-1 Champion was crowned as KAI finally achieved the biggest prize in the promotion as well as … Continue reading

WRESTLE-1 [Tag: Kaz/Kondo vs Minoru/Seiki] results for February 13, 2015

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2015 WEST SIDE STORY, 2/13/2015 [Fri] 18:30 @Korakuen Hall in Tokyo1,050 Spectators (1) Double Debut Match: Kumagoro vs. Shotaro Ashino◆Winner: Ashino (6:32) with a Boston Crab.~ Even though Kumagoro began his training in W-1 earlier last year Ashino’s skills as an amateur wrestler are clearly going to get … Continue reading

WRESTLE-1 [Tag: Kaz/Kondo vs Yasufumi/Kodama] results for January 11, 2015

WRESTLE-1 SUNRISE TOUR 2014, 1/11/2015 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo1,150 Spectators (1) WRESTLE-1vs DESPERADO: Hiroki Murase vs. Masayuki Kono ◆Winner: Kono (:45) following a Running Knee. (2) WRESTLE-1 vs Tokyo Gurentai: Ryota Hama & Rionne Fujiwara vs. NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA◆Winner: Hama (4:35) with the Ookido Press on … Continue reading

WRESTLE-1 [W-1 Championship: Mutoh vs Sanada] results for December 22, 2014

WRESTLE-1 “GAORA presents WRESTLE-1 Tour 2014 Final”, 12/22/2014 [Mon] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo ~ Funaki and Ikemen came out to kick off the show and to thank the fans for coming out this evening.~ Ikemen stated that it is his goal to become W-1 Tag Champion. (1) Minoru … Continue reading