News Listings for March 23, 2018

~ AJPW : Match order set for the Saitama show on 3/25. The show will be live on
~ BASARA : Full event card announced for the 3/29, main to be for the MAX belt, Isami vs. Tsukamoto.
~ BJW : The BJW Tag belts were announced to be in defense on 4/5, as Takeda & Tsukamoto defend against Miyamoto & Isami.
~ DDT : The match order set for the 3/25 show at Ryogoku, The show will be live on DDT Universe.
~ Hagure IGF : The full card announced for the 4/4 at the Shinjuku FACE.
~ K-DOJO : TAKA vs. TAJIRI announced for the 4/22 show at Korakuen.
~ NJPW : Okada vs. Sabre set for SAKURA GENESIS on 4/1 at Ryogoku.
~ NOAH : Kiyomiya announced to be able to compete on 3/29, following a minor concussion that caused him to miss a previous show.
~ RJPW : The full event card announced for the 3/29 show at the Korakuen Hall. The show to feature everyone competing under a mask.
~ VKF : TORU to defend the VKF belt against Voltage on 4/30 in Osaka.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Doi & Kumagoro set to defend the W-1 Tag belts against Soya & AKIRA on 4/18 at the Korakuen Hall. Continue reading

VKF results for February 21, 2018

~ Hide & Yasu Kubota vs Daisuke Kanehira & TORU
~ Goa, Billyken Kid & Tsubasa vs CHANGO, SUGI & Masamune Continue reading

Doutonbori results for December 22, 2017

~ WDW & VKF Double Title Match : Kazuaki Mihara vs TORU
~ WDW Tag : Kuuga & Billyken Kid vs Ra-pid & Diablo
~ WDWW Title : Akagi vs Taiyoto Kamen Continue reading

News Listings for September 25, 2017

~ AJPW : Updates for the October tour of shows, two triple title matches announced, Suwama and Ishikawa look to form an alliance.
~DDT : Daisuke Sasaki versus Shuichiro Katsumura for the Indie World Junior belt announced for 10/4 + KO-D 6 Tag defense announced for 10/14.
~ DG : JIMMYZ farewell tour to take place on October 1 in Hakata and 10/5 at Korakuen.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for “KING OF PRO-WRESTLING” on 10/9.
~ MISC : A double title match announced for Doutonbori as Mihara vs TORU on 12/22 in Osaka. Then HUB announced that he will be taking on Dick Togo on his own self-produce show on 11/26. Continue reading

VKF results for May 26, 2017

~ Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka vs Kazuaki Mihara & TORU
~ GENTARO vs Tsubasa – Kengo Mashimo & KAZMA SAKAMOTO vs Hide & Yasu Kubota Continue reading