Daily News Listing for June 29, 2016

~ BJW : Results and notes from today’s Korakuen Hall show, full Ryogoku, 7/24, event card released.
~ K-DOJO : Kaji Tomato to return on 7/16, will compete in SUPER J-CUP.
~ NJPW : Results from today’s show.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : A couple more matches announced for August show, including a single match between Sekimoto and KIKUZAWA and a big 6 man tag between Sanada, MAZADA & FUJITA vs. Tanaka, Kotaro, and HARASHIMA. Continue reading

Daily News Listing for June 16, 2016

~ NOAH : Results and notes from today’s show in Shinjuku, teams announced for upcoming Jr. Tag League.
~ W-1 : KAI out for 3 weeks, full cards released for 6/18 & 6/26 shows.
~ ZERO1 : Results and notes from today’s show in Shinkiba.
~ MISC : IGF (WWE’s signs Wang Bin to contract), Stardom (Results from Tag Title match), TOKYO GURENTAI (HARASHIMA added to show in August.) Continue reading

Daily News Listing for June 6, 2016

~ BJW : Updated 6/18 event card, Ueki wants a deathmatch at the Ryogoku show.
~ NJPW : Results of the 13th day of the BOSJ, league block finals, final day card released.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Tokyo IC Tag defense set for 8/25 show.
~ JOSHI : News from Stardom and WAVE. Continue reading

Daily News Listing for May 30, 2016 [5/26 to 5/30 Listed]

~ AJPW : Title matches set for June shows, full tour event cards updated.
~ BJW : Results from today’s BJW Tag defense, updated 6/9, 6/18 & 6/25 event cards.
~ DDT : Results from last Korakuen Hall show, Daisuke vs Takeshita, KING OF DDT 2016 competitors and matches announced for 6/5 show, DNA 6/9 full card released.
~ K-DOJO : Results from Independent World Junior defense.
~ NJPW : Results from the 8th day of the BOSJ.
~ NOAH : Results from the big Osaka show, next title defenses set for 6/12 show + Tournament to decide who competes in the SUPER J-CUP in July.
~ ZERO1 : Results from last Shinkiba show, Fire Festival will take place from July 8 to July 31.
~ MISC : Updates for Apache, BASARA, DRADITION, FREEDOMS, Ganbare, Tokyo Gurentai, and WRESTLE-1. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/4/2016

~ BASARA : Updated 4/10 card + UWA World defense.
~ BJW : Updated 4/11 event card + Asia Tag defense.
~ DDT : Updated event cards 4/8 to 4/24.
~ DG : Triangle Gate defense set for 4/24 in Hakata.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Notes from today’s show at FACE.
~ W-1 : Updated 4/10 event card + UWA 6 Tag defense set for 4/17.
~ Misc : Results from LAND’S END show on 4/3. Continue reading

Tokyo Gurentai results for April 4, 2016

~ Tokyo World Heavy: Masaaki Mochizuki vs Minoru Tanaka
~ NOSAWA, MAZADA, FUJITA & KIKUZAWA vs Dory Funk, Fujiwara, Takagi & Sanada
~ Tokyo IC Tag: Kikutaro & Stalker vs Hikaru & Kawamura Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/28/2016

~ AJPW : Notes from today’s show.
~ DDT : Results and Notes from today’s show.
~ K-DOJO : Asahi vs Fuji for the Indie Jr. belt on 3/13.
~ Michinoku : Notes from today’s show.
~ NJPW x ROH : Notes from the ROH TV Tapings.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Dory Funk Jr. to be competing on 4/4 show, 8 man tag match.
~ ZERO1 : Notes from today’s show.
~ Joshi : Misc. results and notes. (Stardom REINA, and Tokyo Joshi) Continue reading

Tokyo Gurentai results for December 1, 2015

Tokyo Gurentai “TOKYO DREAM 2015”, 12/1/2015 [Tue] 18:45 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (-) NOSAWA Special Talk Show: NOSAWA Rongai x Keiji Mutoh x Hayabusa (1) Vaccine Fight Offer Match ~ WAR GAMES ~: Alexander Otsuka [AO/DC], Hideki Suzuki [FREE] & Takuya Kai vs. Ryo Kawamura [Pancrase-ism], Tomohiko Hashimoto [Apache] … Continue reading

News Listing for November 10, 2015

[NOAH News] The full event card was announced for upcoming “Destiny 2015” show on December 23rd in Ota, Japan.

[NJPW News] 14 teams have been announced for this years “WORLD TAG LEAGUE 2015”, with the 2 split block system in place. All the matches for the league have been released as well. As well as more matches announced for WRESTLE KINGDOM 10 on 1/4/16.

[RJPW News] It was officially announced that Masakatsu Funaki will be defending the Legends Championship belt against Daisuke Sekimoto on December 9th at the Korakuen Hall.

[Tokyo Gurentai News] A few more matches have been made official for their upcoming show on 12/1. Continue reading

News Listing for November 2, 2015

[Tokyo Gurentai News] It has been announced that Seiya Sanada will be returning to a Japanese ring as he takes on FUJITA (Minoru Fujita) on the upcoming Korakuen Hall show.

[DDT/NJPW News] DDT’s President Sanshiro Takagi and NJPW’s President Naoki Sugabayashi formally announced that Kota Ibushi will be out of action for a long term due to suffering from a cervical herniated disc.

[NJPW News] The full card for the upcoming POWER STRUGGLE show on 11/7 in Osaka has been released. Continue reading

News Listing for October 28, 2015

~ Yuji Hino leaving K-DOJO, 11/1 card updaded + new rookies names released.

~ W-1 announced that they will officially be holding a “Wrestling Camp” for international wrestlers.

~ [DDT News] It has been announced that Kota Ibushi will miss the next 3 DDT shows, 10/31, 11/1, and 11/3, due to his recent battle with an illness.

~ FMW News] One of the biggest matches for the new FMW has been announced for the Korakuen Hall show on December 22nd. As a NOSAWA Rongai spoke on behalf of the W★ING Monster Army as a match will be taking place for 79% of the controlling shares of FMW.

[Tokyo Gurentai News] Another match has been announced for the upcoming show on Decemeber 1st, as Minoru Suzuki teaming with fellow shoot fighter Kazunari Murakami to take on the team of Yoshihiro Takayama and DDT up-and-comer Suguru Miyatake. Continue reading