Daily News Listing for June 29, 2016

~ BJW : Results and notes from today’s Korakuen Hall show, full Ryogoku, 7/24, event card released.
~ K-DOJO : Kaji Tomato to return on 7/16, will compete in SUPER J-CUP.
~ NJPW : Results from today’s show.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : A couple more matches announced for August show, including a single match between Sekimoto and KIKUZAWA and a big 6 man tag between Sanada, MAZADA & FUJITA vs. Tanaka, Kotaro, and HARASHIMA. Continue reading

Daily News Listing for June 16, 2016

~ NOAH : Results and notes from today’s show in Shinjuku, teams announced for upcoming Jr. Tag League.
~ W-1 : KAI out for 3 weeks, full cards released for 6/18 & 6/26 shows.
~ ZERO1 : Results and notes from today’s show in Shinkiba.
~ MISC : IGF (WWE’s signs Wang Bin to contract), Stardom (Results from Tag Title match), TOKYO GURENTAI (HARASHIMA added to show in August.) Continue reading

Daily News Listing for June 6, 2016

~ BJW : Updated 6/18 event card, Ueki wants a deathmatch at the Ryogoku show.
~ NJPW : Results of the 13th day of the BOSJ, league block finals, final day card released.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Tokyo IC Tag defense set for 8/25 show.
~ JOSHI : News from Stardom and WAVE. Continue reading

Daily News Listing for May 30, 2016 [5/26 to 5/30 Listed]

~ AJPW : Title matches set for June shows, full tour event cards updated.
~ BJW : Results from today’s BJW Tag defense, updated 6/9, 6/18 & 6/25 event cards.
~ DDT : Results from last Korakuen Hall show, Daisuke vs Takeshita, KING OF DDT 2016 competitors and matches announced for 6/5 show, DNA 6/9 full card released.
~ K-DOJO : Results from Independent World Junior defense.
~ NJPW : Results from the 8th day of the BOSJ.
~ NOAH : Results from the big Osaka show, next title defenses set for 6/12 show + Tournament to decide who competes in the SUPER J-CUP in July.
~ ZERO1 : Results from last Shinkiba show, Fire Festival will take place from July 8 to July 31.
~ MISC : Updates for Apache, BASARA, DRADITION, FREEDOMS, Ganbare, Tokyo Gurentai, and WRESTLE-1. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/4/2016

~ BASARA : Updated 4/10 card + UWA World defense.
~ BJW : Updated 4/11 event card + Asia Tag defense.
~ DDT : Updated event cards 4/8 to 4/24.
~ DG : Triangle Gate defense set for 4/24 in Hakata.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Notes from today’s show at FACE.
~ W-1 : Updated 4/10 event card + UWA 6 Tag defense set for 4/17.
~ Misc : Results from LAND’S END show on 4/3. Continue reading

Tokyo Gurentai results for April 4, 2016

~ Tokyo World Heavy: Masaaki Mochizuki vs Minoru Tanaka
~ NOSAWA, MAZADA, FUJITA & KIKUZAWA vs Dory Funk, Fujiwara, Takagi & Sanada
~ Tokyo IC Tag: Kikutaro & Stalker vs Hikaru & Kawamura Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/28/2016

~ AJPW : Notes from today’s show.
~ DDT : Results and Notes from today’s show.
~ K-DOJO : Asahi vs Fuji for the Indie Jr. belt on 3/13.
~ Michinoku : Notes from today’s show.
~ NJPW x ROH : Notes from the ROH TV Tapings.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Dory Funk Jr. to be competing on 4/4 show, 8 man tag match.
~ ZERO1 : Notes from today’s show.
~ Joshi : Misc. results and notes. (Stardom REINA, and Tokyo Joshi) Continue reading

Tokyo Gurentai results for December 1, 2015

Tokyo Gurentai “TOKYO DREAM 2015”, 12/1/2015 [Tue] 18:45 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (-) NOSAWA Special Talk Show: NOSAWA Rongai x Keiji Mutoh x Hayabusa (1) Vaccine Fight Offer Match ~ WAR GAMES ~: Alexander Otsuka [AO/DC], Hideki Suzuki [FREE] & Takuya Kai vs. Ryo Kawamura [Pancrase-ism], Tomohiko Hashimoto [Apache] … Continue reading

News Listing for November 10, 2015

[NOAH News] The full event card was announced for upcoming “Destiny 2015” show on December 23rd in Ota, Japan.

[NJPW News] 14 teams have been announced for this years “WORLD TAG LEAGUE 2015”, with the 2 split block system in place. All the matches for the league have been released as well. As well as more matches announced for WRESTLE KINGDOM 10 on 1/4/16.

[RJPW News] It was officially announced that Masakatsu Funaki will be defending the Legends Championship belt against Daisuke Sekimoto on December 9th at the Korakuen Hall.

[Tokyo Gurentai News] A few more matches have been made official for their upcoming show on 12/1. Continue reading