News Listings for November 1, 2017

~ DNA : Updated 11/9 event card, Kamino out with concussion, Oishi added to the show.
~ FREEDOMS : Jun Kasai’s return match announced for the 11/13 show at Korakuen.
~ K-DOJO : Updated event card for the 11/12 show.
~ NJPW : Omega vs. Barreta set for the IWGP US belt.
~ NOAH : Gurukun Mask & Shuri Joe call out for a shot at the GHC Jr. Tag belts.
~ Onita : Atsushi Onita announced his own produce show on 12/3 at Shinkiba, will be the referee for the scheduled match.
~ Choshu : Riki Choshu announced that he will be hosting his own show on 1/14 at Korakuen.
~ Toho Eiyuden : Former IGF announced first show at the Korakuen Hall on 11/16. Featuring Japan vs. China matches.
~ ZERO1 : Updated event cards for the 11/5 & 11/13 shows. Continue reading