RJPW results for July 3, 2018

~ World Mask Man Tournament
~ Super Tiger vs Dos Caras Jr – Black Tiger Jr vs Super Destroyer Ain – Hijo de Black Tiger vs Toscano – Don Crocodile vs Super Destroyer Cain Continue reading

News Listings for October 27, 2017

~ BASARA : Update event cards for the 11/3, 11/26 & 112/9 shows.
~ DDT : Updates for the 11/23 show at Korakuen, Endo vs Bailey + KO-D 10 Tag decision.
~ DIFFER CUP : The full event card set for the 11/28 show.
~ DNA : The full event card announced for the 11/9 show, Kota Umeda’s return from injury.
~ IWA Japan : Promotion set to be revived following the DIFFER CUP.
~ ONITA : Final week before his retirement is set to take place, full event cards for his final two shows on 10/29 and 10/31.
~ RJPW : The First Tiger Mask announced that his road to retirement begins in December, though no final date is set at this time.
~ ZERO1 : Teams and matches announced for November’s “Furikanzan Tag Tournament”. Continue reading

RJPW results for September 18, 2015 – Super Tiger vs Funaki

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “10th Anniversary – Shodai Tiger Mask Kogane Densetsu ~ LEGEND OF THE GOLD II”, 9/18/2015 [Fri] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 1,652 Spectators (crowded) ————————————————- Tiger Mask officially announced that he has made a full recovery following his hear surgery back in May of this year. Tiger stated … Continue reading

RJPW results for June 11, 2015

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “Shodai Tiger Mask Kogane Densetsu ~ LEGEND OF THE GOLD”, 6/11/2015 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) 10 Man Battle Royal: Super Rider, Hayato Mashita, Gran Hamada [FREE], Mitsuo Momota [Riki Enterprise], Chikara [Riki Enterprise], Wakashoyo [Yamaishi], Bear Fukuda [SECRET BASE], Masato Shibata [U-FILE CAMP], … Continue reading

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[RJPW News] The First Generation Tiger Mask took part in his first press conference following the recent surgery he underwent on the blood vessels near his heart.  Tiger first off stated that he is sorry to those who have been worried about his condition, but his voice was noticeably weaker … Continue reading

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[RJPW News] An update on The First Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) has been released as they have reportedly found that he has damage to the blood vessels near his heart following a thorough examination a few days ago. He originally underwent tests on the 9th as he was having issues walking … Continue reading

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[DRADITION News] Tatsumi Fujinami held a press conference at the Real Japan/Sayama Dojo to announced that the First Tiger Mask and his top student Super Tiger will be taking on Mitsuya Nagai and Black Tiger (Tatsuhito Takaiwa) in a tag match for the upcoming show on November 19. This match … Continue reading

Real Japan results for September 18, 2014

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “Strong Style”, 10/18/2014 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) Super Rider & Gran Hamada vs. Kenji Takeshima & Kotaro Nasu◆Winner: Hamada (8:35) with a Cross Armbar on Takeshima. (2) Mitsuo Momota & Shingo Garyu vs. Kazuhiko Ogasawara & “2nd Generation Rikidozan” Chikara◆Winner: Momota (9:37) following … Continue reading

LEGEND THE PRO-WRESTLING results for July 19, 2014

LEGEND THE PRO-WRESTLING, 7/19/2014 [Sat] 17:30 @ BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM, 2nd Stadium in Osaka1,100 Spectators (1) Alexander Otsuka & Noboyuki Kurashima vs. Super Tiger & Ryuta Hasumi◆Winner: Super Tiger (6:30) following a Back Spin Kick on Kurashima. (2) Mach Hayato & Kurokage vs. NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA◆Winner: MAZADA (12:51) following a … Continue reading

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[LEGEND News] Tatsumi Fujinami announced the headlining match for the upcoming LEGEND THE PRO-WRESTLING show coming up on July 19th in Osaka. Fujinami announced that he will be teaming with Riki Choshu and The First Tiger Mask as they take on W-1’s hell unit “DESPERADO”, Masayuki Kono, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, and … Continue reading

RJPW results for April 16, 2014

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “STRONG STYLE RETURNS PROJECT “Former Sumo Sekiwake Takatoriki Pro-Wrestling Debut”, 4/16/2014 [Wed] 18:30 @ Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium in Tokyo3,917 Spectators (crowded) (1) Super Rider vs. Katsunari Toi◆Winner: Rider (8:05) with a Japanese leg roll clutch hold. (2) Shingo Garyu Pro-Wrestling Debut Match: Shingo Garyu & Hikaru … Continue reading

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[Real Japan News] The First Tiger Mask held a press conference to announce that he will be taking on Akitoshi Saito one on one on the April 16 show. Tiger announced that even though he has been plagued with injuries in recent years that his current physical condition and speed … Continue reading