Pro Wrestling WAVE “CATCH THE WAVE” Day 1 Results for April 19, 2017

  Pro Wrestling WAVE “CATCH THE WAVE 2017” Day 1 4/19/17 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinjuku Face in Tokyo 245 spectators *The competitors in this year’s tournament are split into two blocks: “Zabun,” featuring wrestlers signed with WAVE, and “Other Than,” featuring outsiders. The two wrestlers with the most points in … Continue reading

KASSEN 2 ~ ZERO1 vs W-1 [Day 2] results for March 13, 2015

WRESTLE-1 “KASSEN 2 ~ War ZERO1 vs W-1 All-Out Versus Resistance”, 3/13/2015 [Fri] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo (-) ZERO1 vs WRESTLE 5vs5 Tug of War Singles War: (ZERO1) Shinjiro Otani, Kohei Sato, Hideki Suzuki [FREE], Ikuto Hidaka, and Daemon Ueda vs. (W-1) Masakatsu Funaki, KAI, Kaz Hayashi, Daiki … Continue reading

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[WRESTLE-1 & ZERO1 News] The event cards for the upcoming W-1 vs Z1 “KASSEN” back to back shows in early November at the Shinjuku FACE have been announced.             ZERO1xWRESTLE-1 “KASSEN ~ Battle ZERO1 vs W-1 Tournament”, 11/5/2014 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo() ZERO1 vs WRESTLE-1 Single Match: Yoshikazu … Continue reading

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[WRESTLE-1 & ZERO1 News] It has been officially announced that W-1 and ZERO1 will be hosting a 3 shows at the Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo featuring “versus” matches between the two promotions. The shows will be taking place on November 5th, 6th, and 7th. Keiji Mutoh and Shinjiro Otani, head … Continue reading

Tokyo Gurentai [TOKYO STARCADE] results for July 7, 2014

Tokyo Gurentai “TOKYO STARCADE”, 7/7/2014 [Mon] 18:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo (1) Sanshiro Takagi [DDT], Yukio Sakaguchi [Sakaguchi Dojo] & Masayuki Mitomi [UNION] vs. Masao Orihara [AO/DC], Chikara [Momota Hall] & Yumeto Imanari [Ganbare]◆Winner: Sakaguchi (12:28) following a PK on Imanari. (2) WAR ZONE: Hideki Suzuki [FREE] vs. Daiki Inaba … Continue reading

K-DOJO [STRONGEST-K, K TAG & World Jr. Defenses] results for June 22, 2014

K-DOJO “CLUB-K SUPER in OSAKA”, 6/22/2014 [Sun] 17:00 @ Wakashishi (Young Lion) Hall in Osaka235 Spectators (packed) (1) Ryuichi Sekine & Kotaro Yoshino vs. Tank Nagai & Yuma◆Winner: Tank (10:19) following a Spear Tackle on Yoshino. (2) Ricky Fuji, Bambi & Kaji Tomato vs. Yuki Sato, Marines Mask & SATOSHI … Continue reading

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TAKA Michinoku announced today that the popular TAKA & Taichi Self-Produce show will be making a return May 22. Even though their “FINAL” produce show was held on March 21st, TAKA made an announcement that their show will be labeled this time around as “revenge”. As well as the announcement … Continue reading

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[NOAH News Part 1] Pro Wrestling NOAH announced some of the matches as well as talent that will be taking part in the special “SEMex”, aka SEM Extra, show on April 16 at the Shinjuku FACE. The show will have a primary focus on the up and coming names in … Continue reading

K-DOJO [K-UP IMPACT 5] results for December 18, 2013

K-DOJO “K-UP IMPACT5”, 12/18/2013 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo295 Spectators (1) Tank Nagai vs. Mitsuhiro Kitamiya [DIAMOND RING]◆Winner: DRAW (15:00) Time Expired. (2) 6 Man Tag Match: Shiori Asahi, Kaji Tomato & Yuki Sato vs. Shu Brahman, Kei Brahman & Yuma◆Winner: Tomato (9:33) with the Speed on Yuma. … Continue reading

Tenryu Project [Tenryu’s 37th Anniversary Show] results for November 13, 2013

Tenryu Project “TENRYU PROJECT 13 ~ Tenryu Genichiro Debut Anniversary Show RevolutionISM ~Dragon Soul~”, 11/13/2013 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo (1) Buki vs. Fugo Fugo Yumeji [FTO]◆Winner: Buki (5:25) following a Running Lariat. (2) The Great Kabuki & Ryuji Hijikata [Free] vs. Ricky Fuji [K-DOJO] & NOSAWA Rongai … Continue reading

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[WNC News] Wrestling New Classic announced that both WNC belts will be defended at the end of this month, as well as the Dave Finlay Cup will be held again this year. First it was announced that both title belts will be defended on November 29 at the Shinjuku FACE. … Continue reading

Atsushi Onita Produce results for October 18, 2013

Atsushi Onita Produce ~ Jado Zenkai! Aki no jin!, 10/18/2013 [Fri] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo550 Spectators (1) Gabai Jichan & Southern Cross vs. Kikutaro & Raiden◆Winner: Jichan (9:51) following a Swanton Bomb on Raiden. (2) World Wrestling Association Offer Joshi Match: Aoi Ishibashi & Micro vs. La Malcriada … Continue reading