Daily News Listing for June 2, 2016

~ BJW : Event Card Updates, 6/5 card in Sendai.
~ FMW : Atsushi Onita announced the FMW vs UWF matches will be contested in No Rope Barbed-wire rules.
~ NJPW : Results from the 10th day of the BOSJ.
~ NOAH : Junior Tag League announced to be held in July.
~ RJPW : 6 Man Tag match added to the 6/23 show.
~ ZERO1 : Five wrestlers announced for the upcoming Fire Festival which will run throughout July.
~ VKF : Updated event card for 6/19 show in Osaka. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 5/24/2016

~ BJW : Updated 5/30 event card + World Strong contendership match on 6/9 to set up the challenger for the Ryogoku show in July.
~ NJPW : Results from the on-going BOSJ.
~ NOAH : Title signings for 5/28 show.
~ OUDOU : Charity show announced for August.
~ RJPW : Sekimoto vs Funaki announced for 6/23.
~ W-1 : Event card released for 6/4 show.
~ ZERO1 : More matches announced for 5/29 show.
~ Joshi : Update on Ray, Onita plans to host a charity show along with FMW. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 3/24/2016

~ BASARA : Full card for 3/28 in Nagoya.
~ BJW : Notes from today’s show, rookie set to debut on 4/5.
~ DNA : Matches announced for 4/1 show.
~ FMW : Results from today’s 6 Man Tag defense.
~ FREEDOMS : Notes from 3/23 show.
~ NJPW : Listings for results from from 3/23 + 3/24
~ RJPW : Notes from today’s show at Korakuen.
~ Gatoh Move : Outcome of Asia Dream Tag match.
~ SEAdLINNNG : Nanae & Yoshiko vs Arisa & Yamashita announced for 5/18. Continue reading

RJPW results for March 24, 2016

Real Japan Pro Wrestling “First Tiger Mask Golden Legend ~ LEGEND OF THE GOLD IV”, 3/24/2016 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) Hidehiko Hasegawa [FREE] vs. Nobuyuki Kurashima [DRADITION] ◆Winner: Kurashima (6:12) via pin-fall. (2) Battle Royal: Super Rider, Gran Hamada [FREE], Hayato Mashita, YamamotoSAN [COMBO], Chikara [RikiEnterprise], LEONA [DRADITION], Freedom … Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 3/2/2016

~ DRAGON GATE : Notes from today’s show.
~ NOAH : Notes from today’s show.
~ RJPW : Updated event card for 3/24.
~ Others : Matches announced for FREEDOMS (3/27) and J-STAGE (3/29).
~ Joshi (REINA, SEAdLINNNG & Stardom) Continue reading

RJPW results for December 9, 2015

~ Legend Championship: Masakatsu Funaki vs Daisuke Sekimoto
~ Super Tiger & Alexander Otsuka vs Suwama & Hikaru Sato Continue reading

News Listing for December 3, 2015

Kintaro W★ING Kanemura officially announced that he will be retiring from pro-wrestling in 2016. Kanemura made this news public to the press today, 11/26. Kanemura stated that his body is fairly tattered and he is suffering from numbness in his left knee and leg. Kanemura has been active in deathmatches … Continue reading

RJPW results for September 18, 2015 – Super Tiger vs Funaki

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “10th Anniversary – Shodai Tiger Mask Kogane Densetsu ~ LEGEND OF THE GOLD II”, 9/18/2015 [Fri] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 1,652 Spectators (crowded) ————————————————- Tiger Mask officially announced that he has made a full recovery following his hear surgery back in May of this year. Tiger stated … Continue reading

NOAH/DDT, RJPW, BJW & Gurentai News for September 16, 2015

[NOAH/DDT News] NOAH officially announced that DDT wrestler KUDO has indeed suffered an injury to his right knee, anteriori cruciate ligament (ACL). KUDO will miss his teams final match of NOAH’s Jr. Tag League on September 19th, though his partner Kota Umeda has been rescheduled to still compete on the … Continue reading

RJPW News – 9/18 Full Card Announced + Masakatsu Funaki and Yuki Ishikawa Interviews

Both Masakatsu Funaki spoke in regards to his upcoming title challenge in Real Japan as well as why he left WRESTLE-1 earlier this Summer. While Yuki Ishikawa discussed his last year training students at the Battle Arts Academy in Canada and his return to Japan to compete in the upcoming … Continue reading

LEGEND News for August 4, 2015

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[Real Japan News] The First Tiger Masked announced that the next RJPW show will be on September 18th as Super Tiger will be defending the Legend Championship belt against now freelance wrestler Masakatsu Funaki. Tiger Mask aims to showcase the true strong style as he has two of wrestlers facing … Continue reading