News Listings for April 25, 2017

~ BJW : Updated event cards, Masashi Takeda out with a knee injury.
~ BASARA : Full card announced for 5/4 show in Osaka, Itadaki 1st day.
~ HEAT-UP : Universal Tag title match announced for 6/4, Kenichiro Arai & Hide Kubota vs Kazuhiro Tamura & Fuminori Abe.
~ K-DOJO : Full event cards announced for the Golden Week shows, Kengo Mashimo vs Isami Kodaka for the ST-K belt set for 5/28.
~ NEW : A couple matches announced for 4/30 show in Saitama.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for LION’S GATE show on 5/9.
~ ZERO1 : Hayato “Jr” Fujita out with injury as the full card announced for the 4/26 Tenkaichi finals at Korakuen + Updated event cards for the 4/28 through 5/6 shows.
~ MISC : Rikidozan honored with WWE’s legacy award. Mitsuo Momota and Chikara accept the honor at his grave-site. All Japan Joshi referee Shiro Abe passed away at the age of 76. Continue reading

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[AJPW News] All Japan announced that grandson of Rikidozan, Chikara (Momota), will be making his debut for the promotion on the upcoming Korakuen Hall show on October 22nd. This news comes after the announcement that Hiroshi Fukuda would not be unable to compete due to suffering from an injury. Fukuda … Continue reading

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[Real Japan News] The First Tiger Mask held a press conference to announced a few more matches for the upcoming Real Japan show on April 16. Tiger Mask looks to continue to building towards the full restoration of the true strong style and has booked a pro-wrestling and mixed martial … Continue reading

News Listing for February 19, 2014 [RIP Big Daddy V, Momota’s in Tokyo Gurentai, NOAH 2/22 show updates, Onita names Otani to be his death match tag partner]

“Nelson Frazier, Jr. a/k/a Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V has died at the age of 42, according to multiple former colleagues.——————————————————————————————–It has been announced that the Momota father and son will be competing on the upcoming Gurentai show on April 7. The Duo will be taking on DDT’s Sanshiro Takagi and a … Continue reading

Rikidozan 50th Anniversary Memorial Show results for December 16, 2013

Rikidozan Passing 50th Anniversary Memorial Show ~ The Power of Pro-Wrestling, 12/16/2013 [Mon] 18:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) Chikara’s Debut Match: “Rikidozan 3rd Generation” Chikara & Mitsuo Momota vs. NOSAWA Rongai [Tokyo Gurentai] & Masao Orihara [Mobius]◆Winner: Mitsuo (9:22) following a Backdrop on NOSAWA.~ Chikara thanked all the … Continue reading

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[News] Mitsuo Momota, under Riki Project, conducted a press conference to announce Chikara Momota’s official debut match on December 16th for the “Rikidozan Passing 50th Anniversary Memorial Show ~ The Power of Pro-Wrestling” event. The show will be held at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo and will see Rikidozan’s grandson … Continue reading

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Chikara Momota [31] stated that he will be making his official debut as a pro wrestler on December 16, 2013 in honor of his grandfathers 50th anniversary since his death back on December 15, 1963. Chikara’s father Mitsuo Momota [63] was on hand for Chikara’s announcement. Mitsuo further stated that … Continue reading