BASARA results for March 3, 2018

~ Union MAX : Isami Kodaka vs Tsutomu Oosugi
~ Trans Am ★ Ryuichi (BJW) vs Fuminori Abe – Ryota Nakatsu vs Manabu Hara Continue reading

News Listings for February 20, 2018

~ AJPW : Updated event cards for the 3/16 & 3/18 shows.
~ BASARA : Full card announced for the 3/3 show, the main will see Kodaka vs. Oosugi for the Union MAX.
~ Michinoku : Full cards announced for the 3/16 through 3/18 shows. Hyugaji vs. Kengo for the Tohoku Junior belt and Daichi Sasaki’s competes in special send-off matches before he goes to Mexico.
~ NJPW : EVIL announced to be out with injury, event cards updated.
~ NOAH : The matches were announced for next month’s “GLOBAL TAG LEAGUE 2018”.
~ RJPW : A special lucha match announced for the 3/29 show at Korakuen Hall, Dos Caras and Dos Caras Jr. (Guillermo Rodriguez) to compete.
~ W-1 : Keiji Mutoh announced that he will be undergoing knee replacement surgery at the end of March. Though he will be taking part in a special 6 man tag match on 3/14 at Korakuen featuring several of his former students. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/26/2016

~ BASARA : Notes from today’s show.
~ DDT : DNA 3/5 full card released.
~ DRAGON GATE : Full card announced for 3/5 & 3/6 Osaka shows.
~ FMW : Results and notes from today’s Korakuen show.
~ ZERO1 : Kohei illness, potential miss + Full card now released for 3/6 Korakuen show. Continue reading