HEAT-UP results for July 8, 2018

~ Kazuhiro Tamura, Guts Ishijima, Yuu Iizuka & Tetsuya Izuchi vs Nori da Funky Shibaraseth, Shinya Ishida, Yusaku Ito & Xevious Continue reading

GOING-UP results for June 30, 2018

~ Guts Ishima & Tetsuya Izuchi vs Syuo Fujiwara & Kazuhiko Matsuzaki
~ Daisuke Kanehira vs Masked Mystery Continue reading

News Listings for June 29, 2018

~ BASARA : Event card updated for the 7/12 show at Shinjuku FACE.
~ BJW : The full card announced for the 7/24 show at the Korakuen, Main Event to feature a 3WAY Tag Death Match.
~ DNA : More matches were announced for the 7/16 show in Osaka.
~ FREEDOMS : Updated event cards for the 7/4, 7/22 & 8/6 shows.
~ HEAT-UP : Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo to retire in October, HEAT-UP formed an alliance with Portugal based promotion CTW, and official signing for Daisuke Kanehira vs. Baliyan Akki on 7/28.
~ NOAH : Updated event cards for the July tour of shows and the next GHC Heavy & Tag belt defenses set.
~ WRESTLE-1 : The latest W-1 TV and STRONG HEARTS announced their team for the 7/18 show at Korakuen. Continue reading

HEAT-UP results for June 23, 2018

~ Universal Championship : Daisuke Kanehira vs Fuminori Abe
~ Universal Tag : Kenichiro Arai & Hide Kubota vs Kazuhiro Tamura & Tatsumi Fujinami Continue reading

News Listings for June 5, 2018

~ AJPW : The full event cards announced fro the 6/30 & 7/1 shows, World Tag defense and Miyahara vs. Lee set.
~ FREEDOMS : The full card was announced for the 6/14 show at the Shinkiba 1stRING.
~ FORTUNE DREAM : 3WAY joshi match to feature Mio Shirai as the special referee.
~ HEAT-UP : The full card announced for the 6/23 show in Kawasaki.
~ TAKAYAMANIA : Minoru Suzuki announced the main event for the scheduled show on 8/31 at Korakuen.
~ WRESTLE-1 : The full cards announced for the 6/17 & 6/22 shows.
~ ZERO1 : Update on Yusaku Obata. Dehydration caused his heat stroke and he also suffered a fracture to his neck after taking the fall. Not career threatening, but he will need rest. Continue reading

HEAT-UP results for May 16, 2018

~ HEAT-UP Universal Championship : Nori da Funky Shibiresath vs Daisuke Kanehira
~ Kazuhiro Tamura, Tatsumi Fujinami & Hiroshi Yamato vs Kenichiro Arai, Hide Kubota & Akira Joe Continue reading

News Listings for April 20, 2018

~ AJPW : Kazuki Ebina to miss the rest of the month due to injury, updated 4/22 card.
~ BASARA : Updated 5/3 event card + the matches and wrestlers announced for this years “Itadaki” tournament.
~ BJW : Updated event cards for the 4/21 & 4/22 shows due to Yuya Aoki out with injury.
~ HEAT-UP : Guts Ishjiama, Masked Mystery, Joji Otani & Keito Murota set to join HEAT-UP in May. A sister promotion known as “GOING-UP” will hold shows once a month.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Updated event cards following the aftermatch of the last Korakuen Hall show, next W-1 Tag defense set for 5/6 at Korakuen.
~ MISC : NOAH to host Misawa’s 9th Memorial show on 6/10 at Korakuen, Riki Choshu to hold the next “POWER HALL” on 7/2, and then former JWP wrestler Erika Watanabe passed away, at the age of 39, due to stomach cancer. Continue reading

News Listings for March 16, 2018

~ AJPW : All Japan announced that their digital service begins this month, 900 yen per month, the 3/25 show will be free, April will see the entire “Champion Carnival” on the service.
~ DDT : Yuko Miyamoto vs. Mike Bailey for the EXTREME belt set for 4/1 at Korakuen.
~ HEAT-UP : Arai & Kubota defend the tag belts aginst Dokonjo & Kazato on 5/5 in Gotemba.
~ MICHIPRO : Fujita Jr Hayato undergoes a successful left knee surgery. Will is set to begin rehabilitation, though no word on when he can return.
~ NOAH : Taiji Ishimori announced his leave from Pro-Wrestling NOAH, Yoshinari Ogawa & Minoru Tanaka relinquish the GHC Jr. Tag belts, and a small tournament will take place in April to crown the next champions.
~ Toshiaki Kawada : Kawada announced that he will be hosting a self-produce show on 4/26 at the Shinkiba 1stRING.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Latest W-1 TV featuring the 3/14 Korakuen show, full card announced for the 3/17 show, a couple matches announced for the 4/1 ACE show, and Yoshioka vs. Alejandro announced to take place on 4/18 at Korakuen. Continue reading

HEAT-UP results for March 10, 2018

~ Powerful Tag Tournament 2018 Final Match: Kazuhiro Tamura & Mineo Fujita vs Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo & Daichi Continue reading

HEAT-UP results for February 24, 2018

~ Universal Championship Next Challenger Royal Rumble
~ Nori da Funky Shibiresath & Fuminori Abe vs Daisuke Kanehira & Hiroshi Watanabe Continue reading

HEAT-UP results for February 17, 2018

~ Powerful Tag Tournament Semi-Finals
~ Kazuhiro Tamura & Mineo Fujita vs Kenichiro Arai & Hide Kubota
~ Daisuke Kanehira & Toshiki Iwaki vs Yoji “Dokonjo” Kondo & Daichi Kazato Continue reading