FREEDOMS results for December 26, 2016

~ KING of FREEDOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP : Violento Jack vs Daisuke Masaoka
~ DTU Ultra-Violent Championship : Masashi Takeda vs Miedo Extremo Continue reading

News Listings for December 5, 2016

~ DDT : Title match updates for December shows.
~ FREEDOMS : Updated event cards for December shows, full card announced for 12/18 show in Osaka.
~ K-DOJO : Matches announced for 12/25 super show. Matches announced for Saburo Inematsu Retirement show in February.
~ NOAH : Press conference held to announce December’s tour of shows, Suzuki-gun gone, next sets of GHC title defenses set, outside talent being brought in. Continue reading

FREEDOMS results for November 17, 2016

~ KFC Contendership Match : Daisuke Masaoka vs Yuko Miyamoto
~ The Winger 20th Ann. Match : Winger vs TAJIRI
~ KFC Tag : Yuya Susumu & HAYATA vs Mammoth Sasaki & Toru Sugiura Continue reading

News Listings for November 11, 2016

~ AJPW : All teams and matches announced for the “World’s Strongest Tag League” in December. Full event cards posted.
~ BJW : Deathmatch between Isami Kodaka and Takayuki Ueki announced for 1/4 show at Shinkiba.
~ FREEDOMS : Updated 11/17 at Korakuen event card.
~ K-DOJO : Yuma to take a break from in-ring competition for the next month.
~ VKF : Full card announced for 11/23 show.
~ W-1 : Doi and Kumagoro to hold their own produce show on 1/25. They will take on Sekimoto and Okabayashi. Continue reading

News Listing for October 31, 2016

~ BASARA : Union MAX belt to be revived, Kodaka vs Hiroshi to determine new champion on 12/25.
~ BJW : Updated event cards for 11/12 and 11/27.
~ FREEDOMS : Tag title match set for 11/17, Susumu & HAYATA vs Mammoth and Toru Sugiura.
~ J-STAGE : Hayato “Jr” Fujita versus Seiki Yoshioka announced for 12/19 show.
~ NJPW : Full card announced for the “POWER STRUGGLE” event on 11/5, Super Jr. Tag Final set. Continue reading

FREEDOMS results for October 30, 2016

~ DTU Ultra-Violent Championship : Masashi Takeda vs Kenji Fukimoto
~ KING of FREEDOM WORLD TAG : Yuya Susumu & HAYATA vs Violento Jack & Meido Xtremo Continue reading