NJPW, AJPW, NOAH & Osaka Pro Results for Sept. 23rd, 2010!

NJPW “Circuit 2010 G1 Climax Special”, 9/23/2010 (Thurs) (18:00) Kagawa Takamatsu City Gymnasium 1,200 Spectators (packed) 1. Kyosuke Mikami vs. Hiromu Takahashi Winner: Mikami (8:22) with a Boston Crab. 2. Tiger Mask & Taichi vs. King Fale & Tama Tonga Winner: Tonga (10:35) with the Tonga Twist on Taichi 3. … Continue reading

AJP, NOAH, OSAKA PRO, K-DOJO Results for Sept. 11th, 2010!

Today’s NJPW show has been canceled due to weather issues in that area of Japan. —————————————- AJP “2010 FLASHING TOUR”, 9/11/2010 (Sat) (18:30) Fukushima Bikkuparetto 1,100 Spectators (full) 1. Osamu Nishimura vs. Naofumi Nakanoue Winner: Nishimura (7:08) with an Abdominal Stretch. 2. Shuji Kondo & Hiroshi Yamato vs. NOSAWA Rongai … Continue reading

NEVER.1 on Youtube + Thoughts

NJPW presents NEVER.1, 8/24/2010 Shin-Kiba 1st RING 300 Spectators (full) New Japan has posted four matches from their first ever show for NEVER.1. If you may have missed what NEVER is all about, kind of think of it as a show all about the younger guys in Japan looking to … Continue reading