Michinoku Pro [Tohoku Junior Tournament, 1st Round] results for March 21, 2014

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling “Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament, 1st Round Matches”, 3/21/2014 [Fri] 17:30 @ Hachinohe Hasshoku Center Kuriya Hall in Aomori310 Spectators (overcrowded/sold-out) ~ Michinoku kicks off a singles tournament to crown a new champion for the vacant Tohoku Junior Heavyweight belt.————————————————————-A BLOCK~ Numajiro Kesen, Shu Brahman, Ayumu Gunji, Tiger … Continue reading

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[NOAH/Kenou Update] Pro Wrestling NOAH announced that Kenou will be participating on the “New Year Navig. 2014” show and then he is also being expected to be on the “The First Navig.2014” tour all throughout January. Though he gets his wish of competing in NOAH, will still be under affiliation to … Continue reading

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[Michinoku Pro Update] Michinoku Pro’s Kenou officially announced his intentions of joining Pro Wrestling NOAH following his last defence of the Tohoku Jr. belt against Takeshi Minamino at tonight’s Korakuen Hall show. http://keepingthespiritalive.tumblr.com/post/69878528972/michinoku-space-great-war-tohoku-jr-kenou-vs Following his title match, Kenou announced that he is relinquishing the belt as he is wanting to officially … Continue reading

Michinoku [Space Great War – Tohoku Jr: Kenou vs Minamino – Shinzaki vs Hayato] results for December 13, 2013

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling “Space Great War ~MAGIC SASUKE~ Michinoku Pro-Wrestling 3 Great Battle”, 12/13/2013 [Fri] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo1,834 Spectators (1) Korakuen Super Battle: Kenbai, Rasse, Kinya Oyanagi & Ayumu Gunji vs. ManjiMaru, Ken45°, Daichi Sasaki & Obariyon◆Winner: ManjiMaru (9:35) following a Vertical Fall style Brainbuster  on Gunji. (2) THE … Continue reading

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[Michinoku Pro News] Michinoku announced the next defense for Fujita “Jr” Hayato and the Tohoku Jr. belt as he will be defending against his long time rival in Koji Kanemoto on June 9th. These two have met each other in very physical matches in the past, more specifically during the … Continue reading

Michinoku & ZERO1 results for December 13, 2012

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling “Michinoku 2012, This Years Final Bout in Tokyo”, 12/13/2012 [Thu] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 1,808 Spectators (1) Jinsei Shinzaki & Kinya Oyangi vs. Daichi Sasaki & Ayumu Gunji ◆Winner: Oyangi (12:58) following a Piledriver to Gunji. (2) Menso~re Oyaji vs. Katsuo ◆Winner: Oyaji (8:25) with the … Continue reading

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[Michinoku Pro News] It has been announced that Fujita “Jr” Hayato will be defending his Tohoku Junior Heavyweight title against on Katsuhiko Nakajima on December 13. Following his first successful defense over The Great Sasuke on November 10th, Hayato immediately called out his main rival, since his debut, Katsuhiko Nakajima. … Continue reading

NJPW [POWER STRUGGLE], NOAH [GL Day 5], DDT, MICHINOKU and more results for November 11, 2012

NJPW “40th anniversary POWER STRUGGLE” 11/11/2012 [Sun] 17:00 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium ~ Osaka BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM 6,600 Spectators (1) IWGP Junior Tag Championship Match: [33rd Champions] “FOREVER HOOLIGANS” Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov vs. [Challenger] “TIME SPLITTERS” KUSHIDA & Alex Shelley ◆Winner: KUSHIDA (6:20) following the I-94 to Romero. ~ … Continue reading

NOAH [GL Day 4], K-DOJO & MICHINOKU results for November 10, 2012

NOAH “Global League Tournament 2012”, 11/10/2012 [Sat] 17:00 @ Sapporo Teisen Hall 950 Spectators (1) Taiji Ishimori vs. Takuma Sano [free] ◆Winner: Ishimori (5:34) with a La Magistral Cradle. (2) Akitoshi Saito & Atsushi Aoki vs. Mohammed Yone & Ricky Marvin ◆Winner: Yone (12:49) following the Muscle Buster to Aoki. … Continue reading

NOAH [GL Day 1], NJPW, K-DOJO, ZERO1 & Michinoku results for November 3, 2012

NOAH “Global League Tournament 2012”, 11/3/2012 [Sat] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 2,000 Spectators (1) NO MERCY vs BRAVE 6 Man Tag Match: Maybach Taniguchi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Genba Hirayanagi vs. Ricky Marvin, Taiji Ishimori & Atsushi Kotoge ◆Winner: Maybach (7:17) with the Maybach Bomb to Kotoge. (2) Akitoshi … Continue reading

Latest News listings for October 25, 2012

I do not wish to do this all the time, but I want to remind all of you to be sure to check the news sections of the website by going to PuroresuSpirit.com/News or by checking the news feed on to the right of this post. There are plenty of … Continue reading

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[Michinoku Pro News] Jinsei Shinzaki (45) will be holding his 20th Anniversary as a pro wrestler in 2013, with not just one but two separate shows. The first show will be held on March 3, 2013 at the Tokushima City Municipal Gymnasium. In which Tokushima being Shinzaki’s birthplace. Then on … Continue reading