Tokyo Gurentai results for August 25, 2016

~ Seiya Sanada, MAZADA & FUJITA vs Masato Tanaka, Kotaro Suzuki & HARASHIMA
~ NOSAWA Rongai vs Akebono
~ IC Tag : Hikaru Sato & Ryo Kawamura vs Daisuke Ikeda & Takuya Kai Continue reading

K-DOJO results for December 27, 2015

K-UP IMPACT in Blue Field ~2015 WINTER~, 12/27/2015 [Sun] 12:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba (1) Joji Tanaka [GUTS World] vs. Kyu Mogami ◆Winner: DRAW (15:00) Time limit draw. (2) Toru Sugiura [FREEDOMS] & Kaho Kobayashi [ASUKA] w/ Chinsuke Nakamura [Nishiguchi] vs. Kengo Mashimo & Yuma ◆Winner: Toru (10:17) following … Continue reading

NOAH results for June 13, 2015

NOAH “Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Tour 2015 ~ Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Night”, 6/13/2015 [Sat] 16:00 @ Hiroshima Green Arena (1) Captain NOAH, Zack Sabre Jr. & Shiro Tomoyose vs. Jon Webb, Jack Gamble & Sakigake [DOVE]◆Winner: Sabre (6:54) with a Cross Armbar on Sakigake(2) Muhammed Yone & Daisuke Ikeda [Fu-ten] vs. … Continue reading

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[All Japan News] All Japan Pro-Wrestling held a press conference of their own today to announce that the GAORA TV Championship will be returning to the promotion, and that they will be holding a small tournament to crown the new champion. Of course this comes with the announcement by SUSHI … Continue reading

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[All Japan News ~ Kea & 9/8 Card Update] Taiyo Kea returns on Sept. 8 after a short injury stint that kept him out action since July 29th, after Joe Doering turned heel on everyone. Kea’s left knee was injured in the assault and he has been sidelined for the … Continue reading