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[NOAH Update] Pro Wrestling NOAH put up an update in regards to the 5 wrestlers whose contracts are set to expire on December 31st. Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki, Atsushi Aoki, Kotaro Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru have all shown no intention of re-signing an exclusive contract for the new year.NOAH’s President … Continue reading

NOAH [Ryogoku: Morishima/Kojima – Kobashi Announcement], NJPW & BJW results for December 9, 2012

NOAH “GREAT VOYAGE 2012 in RYOGOKU vol.2”, 12/9/2012 [Sun] 15:00 @ Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo 7,500 Spectators (1) NOAH vs DIAMOND RING 3 Match Series: Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste vs. Mitsuhiro Kitamiya & Tsurugi ◆Winner: Haste (9:55) following a Dynamic Bomb “Sitdown Powerbomb” on Kitamiya. (2) NOAH vs DIAMOND … Continue reading

NOAH results for December 4, 2012

Pro Wrestling NOAH “Winter Navigation 2012”, 12/4/2012 [Tue] 18:30 @ Chiba Port Arena, Sub-Arena 600 Spectators (1) Mohammed Yone vs. Atsushi Aoki ◆Winner: Yone (7:42) following the Muscle Buster. (2) Super Crazy vs. Genba Hirayanagi ◆Winner: Crazy (6:55) with the Sorpressa. (3) Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Ricky Marvin ◆Winner: Kanemaru (7:22) … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] Pro Wrestling NOAH officially announced that Takeshi Morishima will be defending the GHC Heavyweight Championship against New Japan’s Satoshi Kojima on December 9 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan. Also announced for the show is All Japan’s Shuji Kondo defending the GHC Jr. belt against Kotaro Suzuki, following his successful … Continue reading

K-DOJO [K-UP IMPACT] results for November 1, 2012

KAIENTAI DOJO “K-UP IMPACT”, 11/1/2012 [Thu] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo 310 Spectators (1) Ayumu Honda [K-DOJO] vs. Hiromu Takahashi [NJPW] ◆Winner: Hiromu (6:47) with a Boston Crab. (2) Taishi Takizawa [K-DOJO] & Kento Miyahara [DIAMOND RING] vs. TAKA Michinoku [K-DOJO] & NOSAWA Rongai [Tokyo Gurentai] ◆Winner: Takizawa (11:46) … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] NOAH has released the details of the matches to be scheduled for their upcoming show on October 8. When I say details it is because most of the matches have been left open at this time. Following the news of ZERO1’s Kohei Sato and Shinjiro Otani declaring war … Continue reading

NOAH Event Cards for September & October 2012

NOAH “The Navig. Sunday, 2012 in SAKU”, 9/2/2012 [Sun] 17:00 @ Saku Innovation Center in Nagano Prefecture (1) Mohammed Yone vs. Ross Von Erich (2) BRAVE vs DIAMOND RING 6 Man Tag Match: Naomichi Marufuji, Super Crazy & Ricky Marvin vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima, Satoshi Kajiwara & Mitsuhiro Kitamiya (3) Jun … Continue reading

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[NOAH 7.22 Card Preview] Pro Wrestling NOAH held a final press conference before the big Ryogoku show happening tomorrow (7/22). With the TNA stars finally arriving to Japan everything is now set in stone for the scheduled title matches. The GHC Jr. Tag belts will be defended first in the … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] NOAH announced the outside talents to be involved with the promotion in the month of July. There is the inclusion of 3 bigger names who are on tv here in the USA. Samao Joe, Brutus Magnus & Christopher Daniels, all current TNA wrestler, will be coming into the … Continue reading