K-DOJO results for October 5, 2013

KAIENTAI DOJO “CLUB-K 3000”, 10/5/2013 [Sat] 18:30 @ Blue Field in Chiba (1) Kaji Tomato & Tank Nagai vs. Kunio Toshima & Yuma◆Winner: Tank (11:40) following a Spear Tackle on Yuma. (2) Ryuichi Sekine vs. Bambi~ Special rule: Bambi was unable to use her whip, and Sekine was unable to … Continue reading

K-DOJO results for September 22, 2013

Hiro Tonai Produce Show, 9/22/2013 [Sat] 14:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba (1) Yuma Produce Match: Hoshi-Yuma vs. Marines Mask~ for one match only, Yuma will be known as Hoshi Yuma (Star Horse)◆Winner: Marines (8:43) with a Hurricanrana. (2) 3WAY Match (Tambourine KO Match): Tank Nagai vs. Kaji Tomato vs. … Continue reading

K-DOJO results (and news) for September 16, 2013

KAIENTAI DOJO “CLUB-K SUPER in Blue Field”, 9/16/2013 [Mon] 12:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba (1) TAKA Michinoku vs. Yuma◆Winner: TAKA (:30) with the Just Face Lock.(rematch)◆Winner: TAKA (:08) with an Arm Breaker submission.(rematch)◆Winner: TAKA (4:43) following the Super K (super kick). (2) Yuji Hino & Bambi vs. Saburo Inematsu … Continue reading

K-DOJO results for September 15, 2013

KAIENTAI DOJO “Torisutorikan Presents CLUB-K TOUR in SHIZUOKA”, 9/15/2013 [Sun] 13:00 @ Shimizu Marine Bill in Shizuoka132 Spectators (1) Saburo Inematsu vs. Tank Nagai◆Winner: Inematsu (9:58) with the 36 Hammer. (2) Daigoro Kashiwa vs. Bambi◆Winner: Kashiwa (4:31) with the Mapputatsu (submission). (3) Ryuichi Sekine & Spark Aoki vs. Kengo Mashimo … Continue reading

K-DOJO results for September 3, 2013

KAIENTAI DOJO “CLUB-K TOUR in ASAHIKAWA ~ KAIENTAI DOJO Asahikawa Debut! ~”, 9/3/2013 [Tue] 18:30 @ Asahikawa Local Industry Promotion Center (1) Kaji Tomato vs. Hiro Tonai◆Winner: Tomato (8:42) with the Red Eye. (2) 3WAY Match: Ryuichi Sekine vs. Shiori Asahi vs. Yuma◆Winner: Sekine (11:20) with the Combine on Yuma. … Continue reading

KAIENTAI DOJO results for September 1, 2013

KAIENTAI DOJO “KAIOH TOURNAMENT 2013”, 9/1/2013 [Sun] 13:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba ~ KAIOH TOURNAMENT First Round Matches ~ @ 13:00(from left to right on the header picture)(1) Ryuichi Sekine vs. Saburo Inematsu◆Winner: Sekine (4:47) following the Ryukiri (buzzsaw kick). (2) Kaji Tomato vs. Ricky Fuji◆Winner: Fuji (6:26) with … Continue reading

WNC results for August 29, 2013

Wrestling New Classic, 8/29/2013 [Thu] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo430 Spectators (1) Yankee Rionne vs. Jiro Kuroshio◆Winner: Rionne (6:55) with a chicken-wing face lock. (2) Sarena & Shuri vs. Makoto & Kaho Kobayashi◆Winner: Shuri (15:54) with a German Suplex Hold on Kobayashi.~ Shuri challenged Sarena for the women’s championship. … Continue reading

VKF results for August 28, 2013

VKF BATTLE ENTERTAINMENT “VKF WRESTLE TOKYO ~ Viva la revolution! ~”, 8/28/2013 [Wed] 19:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo (1) Hiro Tonai [K-DOJO] vs. Daisuke Masaoka [DEP]◆Winner: Tonai (9:57) with the Marumekomu. (2) HARASHIMA [DDT], KUDO [DDT] & HIROKI [Free] vs. Kuuga, Masamune & HAYATA [all Dontonbori Entertainment/JOKER]◆Winner: HARASHIMA (13:57) … Continue reading

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[KAIENTAI DOJO News] K-DOJO announced that they will be running a singles tournament on September 1st to crown a new champion for the currently vacant CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K title. 16 competitors will be vying to be crowned the new champion in a single elimination style tournament that will take place … Continue reading

NJPW [THE NEW BEGINNING], All Japan & NOAH results for February 10, 2013

New Japan Pro Wrestling “THE NEW BEGINNING”, 2/10/2013 [Sun] 15:00 @ Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall 4,780 Spectators (1) Yuji Nagata, Manabu Nakanishi, Tama Tonga, Jushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask IV vs. Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI & Jado ◆Winner: Nagata (8:20) with the Backdrop Hold on Jado. … Continue reading

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[NJPW News] New Japan announced the full card for their upcoming iPPV which will be held on February 10th. Among the newly announced matches are 4 matches that have been set in place following the show on February 3rd. Kazuchika Okada will be taking on Minoru Suzuki in the semi-final … Continue reading

All Japan [Triple Crown: Funaki/Akebono] & K-DOJO results for January 26, 2013

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “2013 New Year Shining Series”, 1/26/2013 [Sat] 17:00 @ Ota City General Gymnasium 4,800 Spectators ~ Before the show Ric Flair announced that he will be unable to compete due to doctors orders. Flair said he is sorry for those who came to see him compete, but … Continue reading