NOAH results for May 4, 2014

Pro Wrestling Noah “ONE DAY CRUISE 2014”, 5/4/2014 [Sun] 18:30 @ Yokohama Radiant Hall in Kanagawa ~ Quiet Storm officially took part in an official public weighing to determine if he met was under the 100kg weight limit to compete for the Junior Heavyweight belt. Which he managed to pass … Continue reading

NOAH [GHC Jr. Tag / GHC Heavy Contendership: Yone vs Nakajima] results for May 3, 2014

Pro Wrestling Noah “ONE DAY CRUISE 2014”, 5/3/2014 [Sat] 15:00 @ Differ Ariake in Tokyo1,600 Spectators (overcrowded) (1) Atsushi Kotoge vs. Mitsuhiro Kiyamiya ◆Winner: Kotoge (8:10) following the Killswitch. (2) Taiji Ishimori & Hitoshi Kumano vs. Hajime Ohara [FREE] & Kenou [Michinoku] ◆Winner: Ohara (12:24) with the Muy bien on Kumano. … Continue reading

NOAH [GTL 2014 After War] results for April 28, 2014

Pro Wrestling NOAH “GLOBAL TAG LEAGUE WAR 2014 ~ After War”, 4/28/2014 [Mon] 19:00 @ Asahikawa Local Industry Promotion Center460 Spectators (1) Taiji Ishimori vs. Hitoshi Kumano◆Winner: Ishimori (5:45) with the Aussie Suplex Hold. (2) Hajime Ohara [FREE] vs. Mitsuhiro Kitamiya ◆Winner: Ohara (8:44) with the Muybien. (3) Atsushi Kotoge … Continue reading

NOAH [GTL 2014 Day 3] results for April 19, 2014

Pro Wrestling NOAH “GLOBAL TAG LEAGUE WAR 2014“, 4/19/2014 [Sat] 18:00 @ Osaka BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM, 2nd Stadium1,200 Spectators (packed) (1) Genba Hirayanagi vs. Kenou [Michinoku]◆Winner: Kenou (5:23) following a turning kick to the back of the head. (2) 3WAY Match: Taiji Ishimori vs. Hajime Ohara [FREE] vs. Mitsuhiro Kitamiya◆Winner: Ohara … Continue reading

NOAH [GTL 2014 Day 1] results for April 12, 2014

Pro Wrestling NOAH “GLOBAL TAG LEAGUE WAR 2014 ~ OPENER”, 4/12/2014 [Sat] 18:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo1,650 Spectators (packed) (1) Mitsuhiro Kitamiya vs. Hitoshi Kumano ◆Winner: Kitamiya (8:15) with a German Suplex Hold.~ This is Kitamiya’s first official match in Noah since joining the promotion this month. (2) Daisuke … Continue reading

NOAH results for March 29, 2014

Pro Wrestling Noah “Spring Navig.2014″, 3/29/2014 [Sat] 18:00 @ Green Dome Maebashi, Sub-Event Area500 Spectators (1) Maebashi Opening Match: Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Genba Hirayanagi ◆Winner: Ogawa (11:16) via pinfall. (2) NOAH vs FFF: Hiroshi Kumano vs. Hayato Nanjo ◆Winner: Nanjo (10:22) with a Falcon Arrow. (3) 3WAY Match: Zack Sabre … Continue reading

NOAH results for March 23, 2014

Pro Wrestling Noah “Spring Navig.2014″, 3/23/2014 [Sun] 13:00 @ Kasukabe Fureai Cube600 Spectators (packed) (1) Taiji Ishimori vs. Xtra Large ◆Winner: Ishimori (8:40) with the 450゜ Splash. (2) 3WAY Match: Genba Hirayanagi vs. Hajime Ohara [Free] vs. Super Crazy◆Winner: Genba (5:13) via pinfall on Ohara. (3) Battle for the Purpose: … Continue reading

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[DIAMOND RING/Kensuke Office News] A press conference was held today to announce the future of the promotion following Kensuke Sasaki’s retirement. To get straight to the point, following the upcoming show on March 9, DR will going under a hiatus for the time being. It was then announced Mitsuhiro Kitamiya … Continue reading

DIAMOND RING [Kensuke Sasaki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima] results for February 11, 2014

DIAMOND RING, 2/11/2014 [Tue] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo2,100 Spectators (sold-out/overcrowded) ~ Nakajima came out at the start of the show to thank everyone for coming out and to help him celebrate his 10th anniversary. Nakajima stated that he expects a rough match against his “father” and he wanted … Continue reading

[Match of the Day] Kensuke Sasaki vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima“Take The Dream vol. 1”, 2/11/2007 @ Differ Arike in Tokyo. With their upcoming singles match tomorrow, I felt that it is only fitting to share this match today. The “father and son” will once again face off in singles action, but … Continue reading

NOAH results for February 9, 2014 + Next GHC Heavyweight Title Match Announced for 2/22!

Pro Wrestling NOAH “The Second Navig. 2014″, 2/9/2014 [Sun] 17:00 @ Shimizu Marine Building550 Spectators (1) Mitsuhiro Kitamiya [DIAMOND RING] vs, Hitoshi Kumano◆Winner: Kitamiya (8:21) with a Ground (Manji-gatame) Octopus Hold.~ Kumano celebrates his first full year as a pro-wrestler. (2) Technician vs Don’t You Cry: Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Genba … Continue reading

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[DIAMOND RING News] DR has announced the full card for their upcoming Korakuen Hall show on February 11. Following the previously announced main event between Kensuke Sasaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima, DR has announced 5 other matches to fill out the annual Korakuen Hall show on 2/11. Among the announcements is … Continue reading