News Listings for September 29, 2017

~ BASARA : Matches announced for FUMA’s produce show on 12/9.
~ DNA : Full event card announced fro the 10/12 show. Yoshimura out with an injury.
~ DDT : Results for this years fan election as title matches are now set for the 10/22 show at Korakuen.
~ DIFFER CUP : Tournament announced to return for the first time in 10 years. NOAH, DDT, FREEDOMS and ZERO1 to feature teams.
~ K-DOJO : Kunio Toshima & Isami Kodaka to challenge for the ST-K TAG belts on 10/15.
~ NJPW : YOUNG LION’S CUP announced to return + Omega vs YOSHI-HASHI for the USA belt on 10/15. Continue reading

K-DOJO results for September 18, 2017

~ CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K : Isami Kodaka vs Tank Nagai
~ UWA World Middleweight : Ayumu Honda vs Dicky Mayer
~ Especial Lucha Fiesta Continue reading

News Listings for September 7, 2017

~ AJPW : Ultimo Dragon vs Billyken Kid announced for 9/28 in Osaka, Kyoboku Futoshi from Australia, by way of LAND’S END announced to be competing for the promotion.
~ DRADITION : A dream trio match announced with Fujinami, Mutoh, and Mil Mascaras to take place on 10/27 at Korakuen.
~ DG : Two title matches announced for 9/18, YAMATO vs. Mochizuki main event.
~ K-DOJO : Updated event cards for the 9/18 shows at 1stRING then the Yokohama show on 9/23.
~ NJPW : Omega out with an injury, Leo Tonga announced to be coming in as Omega’s replacement for the tour.
~ ZERO1 : Updated event card for the 9/14 show, Kohei Sato & Hideki Suzuki versus Shogun Okamoto & Yutaka Yoshie announced for the vacant IC Tag belts. Continue reading

K-DOJO Results for September 4, 2017

~ TAKA Michinoku 25th Anniversary Special Tag Match: TAKA Michinoku & Kota Ibushi vs. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo
~ Special Single Match: GO Asakawa vs. Minoru Suzuki Continue reading

K-DOJO results for August 26, 2017

K-DOJO “CLUB-K 3000”, 8/26/2017 [Sat] 18:30 @ Blue Field in Chiba (1) Daigoro Kashiwa & Shiori Asahi vs. Kotaro Yoshino & ERINA ♦Winner: Kashiwa (12:20) with the Mapatatsu on ERINA. (2) Kyu Mogami vs. Marines Mask ♦Winner: Mogami (2:38) with the X-Furodo. (3) TAKA Michinoku & KASAI vs. Yuma & … Continue reading

News Listings for August 7, 2017

~ AJPW : Nomura & KAI to team for the vacant World Tag belts, Aoki & Hikaru vs BTVII & TAKA for the Asia Tag belts, and Kotaro Suzuki makes his return to the All Japan ring.
~ BASARA : Full event cards announced for 8/23 & 24 shows at 1stRING.
~ K-DOJO : Full event card announced for 8/19 show at Shinkiba, Isami Kodaka vs. GO Askawa main event.
~ NOAH : Full event card announced for 8/12 show, Rookie Miyawaki set to make his debut, and Harada vs. Ohara to determine the next challenger for the GHC Jr. belt.
~ RJPW : Yukio Naya, grandson of Yokozuna Taiho, to make his pro-wrestling debut on 9/14.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Another match added to the the 9/27 show at FACE.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Takanori Ito to defend the Result Championship against Seigo Tachibana on 8/11 at Korakuen + Yuji Hino set to make his return on 8/27.
~ ZERO1 : Full event cards announced for the 8/11, 12 & 13 shows. Continue reading

K-DOJO results for August 6, 2017

~ Kaioh Tournament : Daigoro Kashiwa vs Kaji Tomato – Kyu Mogami vs TAKA Michinoku – Shiori Asahi vs Yuma – Yoshihiro Horaguchi vs GO Asakawa – Ayumu Honda vs Tank Nagai – Marines Mask vs Kotaro Yoshino – Taishi Takizawa vs Kunio Toshima – Dicky Mayer vs Dinosaur Takuma Continue reading