JWP results for January 15, 2017

JWP 1/15/17 [Sun] 13:00 @ the JWP 1st Kame Dojo Arena in Tokyo   (1) Rydeen Hagane vs Yako Fujigasaki ♦Winner: Hagane (9:40) with a Reverse Splash ~Hagane picks up a win over the Junior & POP Champion (2) 3WAY Match: Leon vs Command Bolshoi vs KAZUKI ♦Winner: Leon (10:42) via double pinfall … Continue reading

Puroresu Spirit 2016 Joshi Year End Award Winners

Hello again everyone, and thank you to all who participated in the voting for our 2016 Joshi Year End Awards! This is a first for us, but I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. 2016 brought a lot of terrific matches and shows across several promotions, and we’re happy to be … Continue reading

JWP results for January 9, 2017

JWP 1/9/17 [Mon] 13:30 @ the LAZONA KAWASAKI Plazasol in Kawasaki 179 Spectators (overcrowded)   (1) Yako Fujigasaki vs Tamu Nakano ♦Winner: Fujigasaki (11:48) with the Inverted Gory Special (2) Rydeen Hagane vs Megumi Yabushita ♦Winner: Yabushita (9:42) via pinfall (3) KAZUKI vs Sawako Shimono ♦Winner: KAZUKI (11:40) with a … Continue reading

JWP “CLIMAX 2016” results for December 28, 2016

JWP “CLIMAX 2016” 12/28/16 [Wed] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo   (1) Rydeen Hagane & Hiragi Kurumi vs Rina Yamashita & Risa Sera ♦Winner: Yamashita (9:50) with a Lariat on Hagane (2) JWP Junior & POP Championship: (30th Champion) Hana Kimura vs (Challenger) Yako Fujigasaki (3rd defense) ♦Winner: Fujigasaki (12:58) with the … Continue reading

JWP results for December 18, 2016

JWP 12/18/16 [Sun] 13:00 @ KFC Hall in Tokyo   ~The show opened with the roster gathering around the ring for a minute of silence in honor of Harley Saito, who passed away on December 15 after battling esophageal cancer. (1) KAZUKI & Rydeen Hagane vs Leon & Tsukushi ♦Winner: … Continue reading

JWP results for December 4, 2016

JWP 12/4/16 [Sun] 13:00 @ Sendai Rensa in Miyagi Prefecture (1) Ivy Sara vs KAZUKI ♦Winner: KAZUKI (11:45) with the Death By Roderick (2) Yako Fujigaski vs Mika Shirahime ♦Winner: Fujigasaki (9:49) with a Swivel Body Press ~It was announced that Yako Fujigasaki will challenge Hana Kimura for the JWP Junior … Continue reading

JWP & Diana joint show results for November 27, 2016

JWP & Diana Joint Show 11/27/16 [Sun] 12:00 @ Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo   (1) Rabbit Miyu Retirement Road: Rabbit Miyu vs Megumi Yabushita ♦Winner: Yabushita (11:17) with the Yabuhebi (2) 3 Way Match: Kaoru Ito vs Rydeen Hagane vs Yako Fujigasaki ♦Winner: Ito (8:15) with the Diving Foot Stomp on Hagane … Continue reading

JWP results for November 23, 2016

JWP 11/23/16 [Wed] 13:00 @ the JWP Dojo in Tokyo (1) Arisa Nakajima vs Rabbit Miyu ♦Winner: Nakajima (10:28) with La Magistral (2) Command Bolshoi & Hanako Nakamori vs Leon & Yako Fujigasaki ♦Winner: Nakamori (11:32) with the Victory A Clutch (3) Manami Katsu & Rabbit Miyu (Ultimate Pureful) vs KAZUKI & Raideen … Continue reading

JWP results for November 20, 2016

JWP 11/20/16 [Sun] 13:00 @ Yodogawa Ward Community Center in Osaka (1) Yako Fujigasaki vs Fairy Nipponbashi ♦Winner: Nipponbashi (6:33) via pinfall (2) Rabbit Miyu vs Sawako Shimono ♦Winner: Shimono (11:44) with the Raiden Drop (3) KAZUKI & Jaguar Yokota vs Leon & Natsu Sumire ♦Winner: KAZUKI (14:26) with the Diving Knee Drop … Continue reading

JWP results for November 13, 2016

JWP “Fly High in the 25th Anniversary” 11/13/16 [Sun] 12:00 @ Asakusa Hanayashiki in Tokyo (1) Ivy Sara vs Command Bolshoi ♦Winner: Bolshoi (9:21) with a Stretch Plum (2) Yako Fujigasaki vs Miyako Matsumoto ♦Winner: Matsumoto (8:00) with a Seated Armbar (3) Arisa Nakajima & Rydeen Hagane vs Tsukasa fujimoto & KAZUKI ♦Winner: KAZUKI … Continue reading

JWP “PURE DREAM 2016” Results

JWP “PURE DREAM 2016” 11/3/2016 [Thur] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) JWP Junior & POP Champinships: (30th Champion) Hana Kimura vs (Challenger) Maki Natsumi (1st defense) ♦Winner: Kimura (7:10) with a Missile Dropkick ~1st successful defense (2) Next Generation Idol WAR Tag Match: Yako Fujigasaki & Mika Shirahime (Sendai Girls) vs … Continue reading

Daily News Listing for August 1, 2016

~ AJPW : Event card updates for 8/13-14.
~ BJW : Deathmatch and World Strong defenses set for 8/21 show.
~ DDT : Full event card released for 8/6 show.
~ K-DOJO : ST-K title matches announced for 8/20 + Full 8/14 event card.
~ NJPW : Results from the 10th day of the G1 CLIMAX.
~ NOAH : Next GHC single defenses set, Genba announces his retirement to take place in September.
~ W-1 : Full event card announced for Kaz Hayashi’s show on 8/14.
~ MISC : Updates for Apache, FREEDOMS, and JWP. Continue reading