Daily News Listing, 4/17/2016

~ AJPW : Notes from the 4th of the Champion Carnival.
~ BASARA : 4/28 event card released in Yokohama.
~ DDT : Notes from today’s KO-D 6 Tag match + updated 4/24 card.
~ K-DOJO : Notes from today’s show at Korakuen, title defenses.
~ NJPW : Notes from today’s show in Yamanashi.
~ NOAH : Killer Elite Squad make their 10th defense of the GHC Tag belts.
~ W-1 : Notes from today’s show, UWA 6 Tag match went ahead as a previously scheduled.
~ Joshi : Notes from today’s title defenses from JWP, Stardom, and WAVE. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/12/2016

~ AJPW : 5/7 event card updated + May event cards released.
~ DDT : Updated event cards including 4/24 @ Korakuen.
~ DG : Notes from today’s show.
~ K-DOJO : K-METAL LEAGUE announced.
~ W-1 : Event card released for “new WILD order” produce show on 4/24.
~ Joshi : Diana (Kyoko Inoue’s return match) + REINA (Makoto wins belt in USA) Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/9/2016

~ AJPW : Opening day of the 2016 Champion Carnival.
~ BJW : Final block matches of the “Ikkitosen ~strong climb~”
~ DDT : Results from today’s show.
~ GUTS World : Updated event cards for 4/24 & 5/8.
~ JOSHI : Diana (Matches announced for 5/5 at Korakuen) and Ice Ribbon (Sera vs Yuka announced for 5/4) Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/8/2016

~ AJPW : Champion Carnival press conference.
~ DDT : Notes from today’s show.
~ BJW : Yoshino suffered a knee injury.
~ NOAH : Notes from today’s show.
~ W-1 : Tag defenses set for 4/16 in Kumamoto.
~ ZERO1 : IC Tag defense set for 5/6 in Korakuen.
~ JOSHI : JWP (Tag defense set for 4/17) – Sendai Girls (results of Satomura vs Kong) – Stardom (High-Speed defense st for 4/24) Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/7/2016

~ BJW : Updated event cards, 4/10 Ikkitosen final + 4/11 -12 event cards.
~ DG : Notes from today’s show, VerserK, KING OF GATE blocks.
~ MichiPro : Full card for 4/16 show.
~ NOAH : Notes from today’s show.
~ W-1 : Two title matches have been made official for the 5/4 show at Korakuen.
~ ZERO1 : Notes from today’s show, International Light Tag match.
~ Stardom : Artist of Stardom defense set for 4/17. Continue reading

Sadism: A Week of Kana

> Sadism – “The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others. (in general use) deliberate cruelty.” This week starts a very special edition of the series, as obviously Asuka will be getting a chance to accomplish a dream of hers, wrestling in … Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/5/2016

~ BJW : Notes from today’s show.
~ FMW : Full card announced for 4/27 show in Korakuen, FMW vs UWF.
~ NJPW : Notes from today’s show.
~ NOAH : Notes from today’s show, GHC Jr. Tag defense.
~ ZERO1 : Kohei to miss 4/7 show, Sekimoto will replace him.
~ JOSHI : AKINO vs Minoru Suzuki announced for MK4 show on 4/15. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 4/3/2016

~ BJW : Notes from today’s show + Ikkitosen ~strong climb~ semi-finalists now set.
~ DDT : Notes from today’s show.
~ GUTS WORLD : Matches announced for 4/24 show at Shinjuku.
~ K-DOJO : WEW Hardcore Tag announced as a 5WAY tag match.
~ JOSHI : Notes from today’s JWP show. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 3/21/2016

AJPW : Notes from today’s show in Okinawa, Triple Crown & World Jr. defenses.
BJW : Notes and results from today’s show + BJW Death Heavy defense.
DDT : Notes and results from today’s Ryogoku show.
K-DOJO : Notes from today’s show, UWA defense + Next ST-K challenger set.
JOSHI : Notes from today’s Ice Ribbon, Osaka Joshi, and Stardom Continue reading

Stardom ‘Appeal the Heart’ 2015 Results & Review

> Hello again, friends of good wrestling. We have a pretty sweet card on our hands today with a lineup consisting of first of all THREE new people debuting in 3 separate matches. First off we’ve got the young upstart Hiromi Mimura getting her shot vs. Kris Wolf. Then we … Continue reading

Pirate Princess: A Week of Kairi Hojo [Matches and History]

> As always check out the Puroresu Spirit FB Page And follow us on Twitter @PuroresuSpirit and me @DylanZeroPS. Always open to any sort of feedback. But anyway… Hello again, friends. This week we go for someone even more different but with recent and current events, mainly the upcoming Stardom … Continue reading

Stardom 2015 5★STAR Grand Prix Final Review

> Back for another round with the mostly lovely women of the most popular all women’s promotion in the world, today I take a look at the round robin tournament that kicks off right after the more famous tournament from New Japan ends. After Tanahashi gained a win in the … Continue reading