NOAH results for November 29, 2013

Pro Wrestling NOAH “Winter Navig.2013 Ark New Chapter ~Unforgettable Pro-Wrestling~”, 11/29/2013 [Fri] 18:30 @ Fukushima City National Sports Festival Memorial Gymnasium [Charity Show]350 Spectators (1) Akudo vs Freshman: Genba Hirayanagi vs. Hitoshi Kumano ◆Winner: Hirayanagi (7:52) following the Shoryu Genba. (2) Young Master vs Crazy Dynasty: Daisuke Harada vs. Pesadilla◆Winner: … Continue reading

This Week in Puroresu [Upcoming Events 11/25 – 12/1 + Recap of Last Week]

11/25 (Mon)NJPW @ Iwade Municipal Public General Gymnasium in Wakayama Prefecture, 18:30 [LISTED BELOW/Link]ZERO1 @ Izumo Gymnasium in Shimane, 18:30DRAGON GATE @ ncc & Studio in Nagasaki, 18:30Osaka @ Nasci Hall Umeda in Osaka, 19:00 11/26 (Tue)NJPW @ Texpia Osaka, 18:30 [LISTED BELOW/Link]AJPW @ Fukui Prefectural Industrial Hall, 18:30WRESTLE-1 @ … Continue reading

AJPW results for November 23, 2013

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “2013 Oudou Renaissance”, 11/23/2013 [Sat] 17:00 @ Joetsu Kanko Bussan Center (1) Masanobu Fuchi vs. Masao Inoue ◆Winner: DRAW (20:00) Time Expired. (2) KENSO vs. Keisuke Ishii [Dream Team Futures/DDT] ◆Winner: Ishii (6:14) with a Small Package Hold.~ Ishii claims an upset win.~ Ishii now should have … Continue reading

DRADITION [Leona Fujinami’s Debut] results for November 19, 2013

DRADITON “BATTLE NEW STAGE ~ Return to the origin ~”, 11/19/2013 [Tue] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) Ryuta Hasumi’s Debut Match: Alexander Otsuka [AODC] vs. Ryuta Hasumi◆Winner: Otsuka (4:08) with a Boston Crab.~ Hasumi tried to show fight in the match, but the veteran overpowered and out-skilled him … Continue reading

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[New Years Eve Pro-Wrestling News] A press conference was held at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo to make a big announcement in regards to the big year end show that DDT, BJW & K-DOJO holds at the end of each year as of late. The announcement today was in regards … Continue reading

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[AJPW News] Go Shiozaki announced the formation of his own group in “Xceed”. Shiozaki left Burning last month in order to what he stated as to take control of his own purpose in All Japan Pro-Wrestling. The first member to join Shiozaki’s new group is KENSO, whom the two will … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] Two more matches have been officially announced for the upcoming Ariake Colosseum show on December 7. It has been made official that Taiji Ishimori will be defending the GHC Junior belt against Davey Richards. Following the announcement made by Richards a few days ago, Ishimori has since accepted … Continue reading

WRESTLE-1 [TNA World Championship: Styles vs. Sanada] results for November 16, 2013

WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2013, 11/16/2013 [Sat] 18:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo1,650 Spectators (packed) (1) Masakatsu Funaki vs. Masayuki Kono◆Winner: Kono (3:19) following a Knee Lift.~ Kono came out and said that DESPERADO is the top team in W-1. The fans in attendance all booed him. Kono said that he had … Continue reading

SEM (NOAH) results for November 14, 2013

The Leave presents Pro-Wrestling SEM in Kawasaki [Thu] 18:00 @ Lazona Kawasaki 5th Floor Plazasol120 Spectators (1) Genba Hirayanagi vs. Pesadilla◆Winner: Genba (8:23) following the Shoryu Genba (Uppercut Lariat). (2) Atsushi Kotoge vs. Maybach Taniguchi◆Winner: Maybach (8:02) with the Maybach Bomb.~ Maybach debuted a new addition to his sasumata weapon … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] Akira Taue has finally announced his retirement match for the upcoming “GREAT VOYAGE 2013 in Tokyo vol.2” event that will be held on December 7. Akira Taue stated his intentions to retire from active competition back in May of this year and 6 months later he finally announced … Continue reading

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[NOAH News] Pro Wrestling NOAH released some updated events cards for their upcoming shows in August. And with that one name stands out with DIAMOND RING’s Katsuhiko Nakajima being a part of the full tour. Nakajima [25] has been taking it a bit slower than usual in actively competing in … Continue reading

NJPW, NOAH & DDT results for December 16, 2012

RINGS/THE OUTSIDER “Volk Han Retirement Memorial Show”, 12/16/2012 [Sun] 15:00 @ (-) Volk Han’s Retirement Match: Volk Han vs. Masakatsu Funaki ◆Winner: DRAW (15:00) Time Expired. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- NJPW “40th anniversary Tour Road to TOKYO DOME”, 12/16/2012 [Sun] 17:00 @ Textile Port Imabari in Ehime 1,300 Spectators (1) Hiromu Takahashi vs. … Continue reading