News Listings for June 1, 2018

~ AJPW : Atsushi Aoki vs Yohei Nakajima set for 7/1 in Sapporo + Jr. TAG BATTLE OF GLORY 2018 to take place in August.
~ HOLY WAR : Full card announced for Toshiaki Kawada’s produce show on 7/8.
~ K-DOJO : Full card announced for the “K-UP IMPACT” show on 7/8.
~ POWER HALL : The full card announced Riki Choshu’s produce show on 7/10 show at the Korakuen Hall.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Wrestlers announced for this years GRAND PRIX that will hold the first round matches on 7/1.
~ ZERO1 : 9 wrestlers announced to be apart of this years “Fire Festival” league in July. Continue reading