News Listings for July 28, 2017

~ BJW : Masaya Takahashi vs Masashi Takeda for the Deathmatch belt announced for 8/19.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Two title matches announced for the 9/27 show. Mochizuki vs. NOSAWA and Togo & Shiryu vs. MAZADA & FUJITA.
~ W-1 : Full event card announced for 8/11 show + Special 6 Man Tag match announced for the 9/2 show in Yokohama.
~ ZERO1 : Fire Festival final match officially set, full event card announced for 7/30 show.
~ Mil Mascaras announced to be competing for DRADITION shows on 10/27 & 29.
~ A farewell event held for the late Mr. Pogo on 7/27, Memorial show announced to be held on final WWS show on 11/12.
~ Final Great Nita match announced to be on 8/27. Continue reading

ZERO1 Yokohama Big Fireworks results for August 31, 2013

ZERO1 Yokohama Big Fireworks, 8/31/2013 [Sat] 18:00 @ Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium (1) 6 Man Tag Match: KAMIKAZE, Yoshikazu Yokoyama & KAZMA SAKAMOTO [Free] vs. Maybach β, Tama Williams & Hartley Jackson ◆Winner: Williams (11:33) following a Double Arm Driller (Reverse Tiger Driver) on Yokoyama. (2) Jado Gundan Offer Match: Ichiro … Continue reading

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Great Nita (Atsushi Onita) tested the “human bomb” experiment on a dummy of All Japan’s president Nobuo Shiraishi. Nita requested for Shiraishi’s presence at the upcoming Yokohama Big Bang show on August 31st in which Shiraishi stated he would not attend.Nita’s latest invention involves strapping a jacket over the opponent … Continue reading

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Great Nita is seeking out Akebono to challenge him to a match with Nita vs. Great Bono (Akebono’s version of Great Muta). Today in Tokyo, June 3rd, Nita appeared at Akebono’s Steakhouse in Tokyo and left him a message that he is coming for him “ニタ参上!!” (Nita sanjō!!). Great Nita … Continue reading

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[Onita News] Atsushi Onita is back in the news as he announced that he wants revive his former alter-ego in Great Nita as he aims to take on Great Bono (aka Akebono) on June 21st at the Shinjuku FACE. It has been 10 years since Akebono has last dawned the … Continue reading