AJPW results for August 3, 2017

~ Jun Akiyama, Shuji Ishikawa, Takao Omori & KAI vs Kento Miyahara, Naoya Nomura, Yuma Aoyagi & Koji Iwamoto
~ Suwama vs Hikaru Sato
~ Atsushi Aoki & Yusuke Okada vs Kotaro Suzuki & Keiichi Sato Continue reading

FMW results for April 13 & 14, 2017

~ 4/13 : FMW vs Evolution: Atsushi Onita, Hideki Hosaka & Ichiro Yaguchi vs. Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato & Ghillieman
~ 4/14 : FMW vs Evolution: Atsushi Onita, Ricky Fuji, Hideki Hosaka & Ichiro Yaguchi vs. Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, Ghillieman & X = MUTEKI Continue reading

AJPW results for January 3, 2016

All Japan Pro Wrestling “2016 New Years 2 Days ~ Evolution 1 – Start ~ Evolution First Produce Event”, 1/3/2016 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (1) Evolution Opening Bout: Ultimo Dragon vs. Keiichi Sato ◆Winner: Dragon (6:55) with a La Magistral. (2) Aoki Produce “Be Armed Today!!” Tag Match: … Continue reading

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[AJPW News] Akebono was given one of Giant Baba’s favorite Cadillac’s following his recent defense this past weekend. Motoko Baba is more than pleased with the Yokozuna’s recent accomplishments in the ring and wants to give him more encouragement to continue working hard for All Japan Pro-Wrestling in the future. … Continue reading

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[AJPW News] Hikaru Sato joins Evolution and SUSHI and Menso~re Oyaji get an Asia Tag title match. Suwama and Hikaru Sato came into the office to formally announce Hikaru as the latest member of the “Evolution” faction. Suwama gave Hikaru an ultimatum though as he has been tasked to be … Continue reading

All Japan [Oudou Tournament 2nd Round] results for September 17, 2013

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “Royal Road Tournament ~ 2013 Open Championship”, 9/17/2013 [Tue] 18:30 @ Izumo City Gymnasium in Shimane ~ All Japan announced that Low Ki due to suffering from pain his ribs. As for his participation on the 9/19 show, that will be announced that day. (1) Yoshinobu Kanemaru … Continue reading