Emblem: A Week of Shinjiro Otani

> Back again, I’m taking a look at a long longtime fan favorite among puroresu followers. Otani really stood out in the 90’s, standing out in contrast to other Junior Heavyweight Wrestlers of the era, he being among the first to break out on his own as a “regular guy” … Continue reading

ZERO1 [Furinkazan Tag 1st Round] results for December 1, 2013

Pro- Wrestling ZERO1 “BIG MARCH presents Furinkazan Tag Tournament 2013” 12/1/2013 [Sun] 18:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo [OPENER](1) Ryoji Sai & Dios Maradona vs. Tama Williams & Jo Kyungho◆Winner: Williams (8:49) following a Double Arm style Piledriver on Maradona. (2) Furinkazan 1st Round Match: Jason Lee & Choun Shiryu … Continue reading