J-STAGE results for March 29, 2016

J-STAGE Pro-Wrestling 2nd, 3/29/2016 [Tue] 19:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo (1) Daichi Hashimoto [BJW] vs. Kotaro Nasu [FREE] ◆Winner: Daichi (10:48) with an STF. (2) Tatsuhiko Yoshino [GUTS] vs. Koji Iwamoto [Sportiva ◆Winner: Yoshino (10:30) with the Messenger. ~ The two shook hands following the match as Iwamoto asked … Continue reading

Okinawa Pro [Kaijin Habu Otoko vs Eisa 8] results for July 6, 2014

Okinawa Pro-Wrestling “6th Anniversary Tour”, 7/6/2014 [Sun] 13:00 @ Kyocera Dome Osaka Sky Hall in Osaak (1) Kazuaki Mihara vs. Shikuwasa Mask◆Winner: Mihara (7:38) following a Kinniku Buster. (2) Yanbaru Queenna & Kijimuna vs. HAYATA & YO-HEY◆Winner: HAYATA () with a Moonsault Press on Kijimuna. (3) 3WAY Match: Taiyouto Kamen … Continue reading

Okinawa Pro results for July 5, 2014

Okinawa Pro-Wrestling “6th Anniversary Tour”, 7/5/2014 [Sat] 18:30 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo (1) Jinbeizame~n vs. Taro Nohashi◆Winner: Nohashi () with the Gyakuuchi. (2) Shikuwasa Mask (#1) & Shikuwasa Mask (#2) vs. Onryo & Konaka = Pale One◆Winner: Shikuwasa Mask #2 () with the Jacknife Hold on Konaka. (3) 3WAY Match: … Continue reading

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[AJPW News] All Japan announced that Super Delfin will once more be competing for the promotion later on this month during the final day of the Champion Carnival. The match is being build as a “premium junior match” as it will feature Delfin teaming with Atsushi Aoki to take on … Continue reading