Daily News Listing, 3/7/2016

~ DDT : Card updates.
~ DG : Next Open The Dream Gate defense set.
~ NOAH : Results from today’s show.
~ W-1 : Yamato neck injury, W-1 Tag challenge set
~ Joshi : FMW Joshi (Leon to compete in Ray’s absence), Gatoh Move (Tag belts announced), SEAdLINNNG (Notes from show), Stardom (Iwatani vs Watabae, High Speed) Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 3/1/2016

~ BJW : Updated 3/6 show, full D-RIZE card for 3/16, Funaki, Otsuka, Hideki announced for 5/16 show.
~ DDT : Full card for 3/5 show.
~ DRAGON GATE : Punch Tominaga out due to illness.
~ Oudou : Main event announced for the debut show on 4/20. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/26/2016

~ BASARA : Notes from today’s show.
~ DDT : DNA 3/5 full card released.
~ DRAGON GATE : Full card announced for 3/5 & 3/6 Osaka shows.
~ FMW : Results and notes from today’s Korakuen show.
~ ZERO1 : Kohei illness, potential miss + Full card now released for 3/6 Korakuen show. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/25/2016

~ BASARA : Independent World Jr. match official for 2/26.
~ BJW : Notes from today’s show + 3/6 full card announced.
~ DRAGON GATE : Notes from today’s show.
~ K-DOJO : Korakuen results and notes.
~ NJPW : LION’S GATE results and notes.
~ NOAH : Title Matches and March Event Cards updated.
~ Ice Ribbon : Matches announced for 3/12 at Korakuen. Continue reading

Daily News Listing, 2/22/2016

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ◆DDT◆ It has been announced that Kota Ibushi will be making his in-ring return on 3/21 at DDT’s big show at the Ryogoku Kokugikan. Though with this announcement they stated that Ibushi will not be re-signing with either DDT nor NJPW. As of the end of the month, Kota … Continue reading

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[AJPW News] The final participant in All Japan’s upcoming “Jr. BATTLE OF GLORY” has been named as DG’s Masaaki Mochizuki. Mochizuki joins the previously announced 9 competitors who will competing in All Japan’s first league of the new year. A BLOCK ◆ Kotaro Suzuki (Xceed) ◆ Atsushi Aoki (Xceed) ◆ … Continue reading

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[DIAMOND RING News] It has been announced that Katsuhiko Nakajima and Kento Miyahara will meet each other one on one at the December 8th show. This will mark the first time in 3 years since the two have faced one another.Kento Miyahara [23 ] has been competing as a pro … Continue reading

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[Dragon Gate News] The main event for the Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival set for July 22nd has been determined. After winning a 6 Man Elimination match on June 24th, Akira Tozawa has earned his position in the main event to face CIMA for the Open the Dream Gate belt. DG … Continue reading

DIAMOND RING News for June 20, 2012

DR announced the card for the upcoming Kensuke Office Dojo show coming up on June 24th. DIAMOND RING, 6/24/2012 [Sun] 13:00 @ Kensuke Office Dojo in Yoshikawa City, Saitama (1) Mitsuhiro Kitamiya vs. Manji Maru [Toneri Family] (2) Satoshi Kajiwara, Namazu Man & Marines Mask [free] vs. Kenichiro Arai [DG], … Continue reading

GAORA 20th Anniversary Super Fight 2011 ~ 1/25/2011 Spoiler Free Review!

GAORA “GAORA TV 20th Anniversary ~ Super Fight 2011 ~ All Japan, Dragon Gate, Michinoku Pro, K-Dojo & OZ Academy Dream Show”, 1/24/2011 (GAORA TV) Tokyo JCB Hall 3,200 Spectators (sell out/overcrowded) (1) Dragon Kid [DG], BUSHI [AJP] & Power Pro Kamen (Seiya Sanada) [AJP] vs. Minoru [FREE], Susumu Yokosuka … Continue reading