News Listings for December 26, 2016

~ AJPW : Koji Iwamoto to join the promotion in 2017.
~ Apache Army : Results from final show on 12/25, new promotion to be formed in 2017.
~ DDT : Full event card announced for the Korakuen Hall on 1/3.
~ Doutonbori : Full event card announced for 1/7 and 1/9 shows, WDW Tag defense. ASW Canada talent involved.
~ FREEDOMS : Tournament announced for 1/3 show at Shinkiba.
~ HEAT-UP : Full card announced for “4th Anniv. Show” on 1/19.
~ K-DOJO : “BO-SO Golden Tag League 2017” announced to take place throughout the month of January. Matches announced.
~ NOAH : Event cards were announced for NOAH’s first set of shows of the New Year. Kotoge to relinquish both junior belts in pursuit of heavy class. Shiro Tomoyose announced to retire due to repeated shoulder injuries.
~ W-1 : Full event card announced for the 1/8 show at Korakuen. Continue reading