News Listings for January 16, 2018

~ AJPW : GAORA TV belt to be in defense on 2/13, Akiyama vs. Nishimura with 6 man tag rules + Full card announced for the 2/3 show in Yokohama.
~ DDT : The final match set for the D-KING GRAND PRIX on 1/28 at Korakeun + Full card announced + EXTREME belt to be in defense on 2/3 in Nerima.
~ FREEDOMS : Full event card announced for the 2/11 show in Hiroshima, UWA World Junior : Susumu vs. Chikano.
~ MICHIPRO : Rui Hyugaji to defend the Tohoku Jr. belt against Kengo on 3/17, Togo re-joins the promotion, Daichi Sasaki to head to Mexico in March + Shinzaki’s 25th anniversary to be held in June.
~ NOAH : The full event card was updated for the 2/2 show at Korakuen, GHC Heavy : Kenoh vs. Miyamoto.
~ WRESTLE-1 : UWA 6 Tag belts to be in defense on 1/21 + Ito to defend the Result belt against Kuroshio on 2/14 + Another match added to MASTERS show on 2/16.
~ ZERO1 : The full event card was announced for the Cho-Hanabi show on 1/28 in Osaka, Double title match : Obata vs. Miyamoto. Continue reading

DDT results for September 27, 2015

DDT “Who’s Gonna Top? ~ DDT Dramatic General Election 2015”, 9/27/2015 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 1,750 Spectators (0) King of Dark Championship: [3rd Champion] Gota Ihashi vs. [Challenger] Sanshiro Takagi ◆Winner: Ihashi (4:03) with a Moonsault Press. ~ Champions “falls” on his 14th title defense. Takagi becomes … Continue reading