News Listings for August 28, 2017

~ AJPW : Following the conclusion of the big Ryogoku show, a press conference was held with updates for the upcoming tour in September.
~ BJW : Teams announced fro the “2017 Saikyo Tag League” death and strong split blocks, as well as matches announced for the September tour of shows.
~ DDT : Full event card announced for the Osaka show on September 10.
~ FREEDOMS : Full event card announced for September 3 show, 4WAY match set for the KFC TAG belts, Kasai out with a temporary injury.
~ NJPW : Following the conclusion of the G1 CLIMAX 27, the full match cards have been released for the NJPW’s three “DESTRUCTION” shows, as well as two of the headlining matches for KING OF PRO WRESTLING.
~ NOAH : Three title matches were announced for the upcoming “ GREAT VOYAGE 2017 in YOKOHAMA vol.2 ” that will be taking place on October 1. Continue reading

DDT Results for August 20, 2017

~ KO-D Openweight Championship Match: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Tetsuya Endo
~ KO-D Tag Championship Match: Shigehiro Irie & Kazusada Higuchi vs. HARASHIMA & Naomichi Marufuji
DDT EXTREME Championship ~ Hair vs Hair Match: Daisuke Sasaki vs. Akito
KO-D 6 Man Tag Championship Match: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi vs. Dick Togo, Yasu Urano & Antonio Honda Continue reading

News Listings for July 31, 2017

~ BJW : The full event card was announced for the big Nagoya show on August 19.
~ DDT : Full event card announced for the DNA show on 8/5 and the Ryogoku show on August 20.
~ NOAH : LEONA to compete in NOAH, singles rematch against Kenoh on 8/25, Nakajima vs Edwards officially set, and rookie Jyunta Miyawaki and Australian wrestler Ashley Istria to make their in-ring debuts for NOAH on August 12.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Tag League announced to take place from September 24 through October 11.
~ ZERO1 : Tanaka vs Kenoh for the World Heavyweight belt officially set for August 31 + Event cards announced for August 4 & 5 shows. Continue reading

DDT results for July 23, 2017

~ KO-D Openweight : Konosuke Takeshita vs Keisuke Ishii
~ EXTREME Ladder Match : Daisuke Sasaki vs Joey Ryan
~ KO-D Tag : Shigehiro Irie & Kazusada Higuchi vs Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Paulie Continue reading

News Listings for July 18, 2017

~ AJPW : Tons of updates, next title defenses set from Ishikawa vs. Miyahara at Ryogoku on 8/27, a GAORA TV match between Akiyama and Omori on 8/11, the World Junior belt in defense as Hikaru defends against TAJIRI on 7/30, and then the World Tag belts in defense on 7/28. Plus updated event cards for the August tour of shows including the “GROWIN’ UP” on 8/3 and Ultimo Dragon’s 30th anniversary at Korakuen on 8/19.
~ BJW : Masaya Takahashi set to join the promotion on 8/1. Next BJW Death Match defense set to take place on 8/19. Also announced for that show will be Hideki Suzuki vs. Daichi Hashimoto for the World Strong belt.
~ DDT : EXTREME title defense between Daisuke Sasaki and Joey Ryan to be contested under ladder match rules.
~ W-1 : UWA 6 Tag defense announced for the 7/22 show in Gotenba and the Andy Wu vs. Yoshioka for the Cruiser belt announced to take place on 9/2 in Yokohama. Continue reading

News Listings for July 12, 2017

~ AJPW/Onita : KIYOSHI announced to join Suwama & Atsushi Aoki against Atushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi & Ricky Fujita for Onita Produce show on July 16.
~ DDT : Full card announced for 7/23 show, KO-D Tag defense set as Shigehiro Irie & Kazusada Higuchi take on Shuji Ishikawa &Mad Paulie, then Daisuke Sasaki and Joey Ryan will be in yet another double title match.
~ NEW : Event card announced for the 7/15 & 16 shows.
~ NJPW : Full event cards announced for the G1 CLIMAX tour of shows as the IWGP Tag and IWGP Junior Tag will be defended on the final show on July 17.
~ NOAH : Hi69 joined NOAH and Ishimori to defend the GHC Junior belt against YO-HEY at “DEPARTURE” on 8/6.
~ W-1 / MASTERS : Hiroshi Hase announced to be returning to the ring for the 7/26 “PRO-WRESTLING MASTERS” show at the Korakuen Hall. Continue reading

DNA results for July 4, 2017

~ Shunma Katsumata vs Yuki Ueno
~ Kazusada Higuchi & Ryota Nakatsu vs Kouki Iwasaki & Naomi Yoshimura Continue reading