Puroresu Spirit 2016 Joshi Year End Award Winners

Hello again everyone, and thank you to all who participated in the voting for our 2016 Joshi Year End Awards! This is a first for us, but I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. 2016 brought a lot of terrific matches and shows across several promotions, and we’re happy to be … Continue reading

Sendai Girls results for January 9, 2017

Sendai Girls 1/9/17 [Mon] 18:30 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo 508 spectators (overcrowded)   (1) Syuri & Mika Shirahime vs Mio Momono & Konami ♦Winner: Shirahime (12:18) with a Backspin Kick on Momono (2) Cassandra Miyagi vs Hikaru Shida ♦Winner: Shida (12:43) with the Tamashi no Three Count (3) Meiko … Continue reading

Sendai Girls results for December 3, 2016

Sendai Girls 12/3/16/[Sat] 18:00 @ the Miyagino-ku Culture Center   (1) Mika Shirahime vs Mio Momono (Marvelous) ♦Winner: DRAW; 15 minute time limit (2) Cassandra Miyagi vs Rin Kadokura (Marvelous) ♦Winner: Miyagi (11:21) with the Ebisu Otoshi (3) Chihiro Hashimoto, Meiko Satomura & Alex Lee vs KAORU, Leon & Rydeen Hagane ♦Winner: Satomura … Continue reading

Sendai Girls Senjo Night In Hakata results for November 23, 2016

Sendai Girls “Senjo Night in Hakata” 11/23/16 [Wed] 13:00 @ Hakata Starlanes in Fukuoka (1) Mika Shirahime vs Chihiro Hashimoto ♦Winner: Hashimoto () with the Waterwheel Drop (2) 3 Way Match: Alex Lee vs Eiger vs Hiroyo Matsumoto ♦Winner: Matsumoto () with the Rock Drop on Lee (3) Dynamite Kansai’s Last Hakata … Continue reading

Oz Academy “THE WIZARD OF OZ” results for November 13, 2016

  Oz Adademy ~THE WIZARD OF OZ~ 11/13/2016 [Sun] 16:00 @ Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium   (1) Aoi Kizuki, Hikaru Shida & Mika Shirahime (Sendai Girls) vs Command Bolshoi (JWP), Tsubasa Kuragaki (JWP) & Kaori Yoneyama ♦Winner: Yoneyama (9:57) with a Diving Senton on Shirahime (2) Kagetsu vs Yako Fujigasaki ♦Winner: Kagetsu (5:31) with the … Continue reading

Sendai Girls results for Nov. 9

Sendai Girls 11/9/16 [Wed] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo   (1) JWP Junior & POP Championship: (30th Champion) Hana Kimura vs (Challenger) Mika Shirahime ♦Winner: Kimura (10:14) with a Big Boot ~2nd successful defense (2) Hikaru Shida vs Eiger ♦Winner: Shida (6:20) with the Three Count (3) Next Generation Battle: Alex … Continue reading

Sendai Girls results for Nov. 6

Sendai Girls 11/6/16 [Sun] 14:00 @ Namade Town Civic Center in Miyagi (1) KAORU vs. Mika Shirahime ♦Winner: KAORU (13:27) with the Valkyrie Splash (2) Meiko Satomura vs. Yako Fujigasaki ♦Winner: Satomura (11:11) with an armbar (3) Alex Lee & Rydeen Hagane vs. Chihiro Hashimoto & KAZUKI ♦Winner: KAZUKI (13:20) with a Diving Double Knee Drop on … Continue reading