Daily News Listing, 2/25/2016

~ BASARA : Independent World Jr. match official for 2/26.
~ BJW : Notes from today’s show + 3/6 full card announced.
~ DRAGON GATE : Notes from today’s show.
~ K-DOJO : Korakuen results and notes.
~ NJPW : LION’S GATE results and notes.
~ NOAH : Title Matches and March Event Cards updated.
~ Ice Ribbon : Matches announced for 3/12 at Korakuen. Continue reading

BASARA results for February 21, 2016

BASARA, 2/21/2016 [Sun] 13:00 @ Osaka City Oyodo Community Center (1) Daichi Kazato & Hi69 [FREE] vs. Atsushi Maruyama & Tsutomu Osugi [both FREE] ◆Winner: Osugi (11:24) following the Tsukinoishi (Swandive style DDT) on Kazato. (2) Goma Ryu vs. Kikutaro ◆Winner: Kikutaro (9:13) following a DDT. (3) Hiroshi Fukuda & … Continue reading

BASARA results for February 5, 2016

Pro-Wrestling BASARA, 2/5/2016 [Fri] 19:00 @ Warabi Wrestle Butokan in Saitama 108 Spectators (crowded) (1) Hiroshi Fukuda vs. Koji Iwamoto [Sportiva] ◆Winner: Fukuda (7:45) following a Backdrop. (2) 3WAY Match: SAGAT vs. Atsushi Maruyama [FREE] vs. Goma Ryu ◆Winner: SAGAT (6:47) following a Modified STO on Goma. (3) Isami Kodaka & Hi69 … Continue reading

BASARA [Debut Show] results for January 21, 2016

Pro-Wrestling BASARA “Debut Show ~ Everything is at Stake”, 1/21/2016 [Thu] 18:00 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo 600 Spectators (overcrowded) ~ Isami Kodaka thanked everyone for coming out for BASARA’s first ever show and he hoped everyone shows a strong cheer for everyone competing tonight. (1) Opening Match: Ryota Nakatsu … Continue reading

DDT results for January 11, 2016

DDT Pro-Wrestling “Dramatic Tenjinbashi! 2016”, 1/11/2016 [Mon] 13:00 @ Oyodo Community Center in Osaka ~ Suguru Miyatake suffered an injury at yesterday’s show, local Osaka based wrestler Kuishinbo Kamen will replace him for today’s show. (0) Dai Suzuki vs. Guanchulo ◆Winner: Guanchulo (4:03) via pin-fall. (1) Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata … Continue reading

News Listing for October 7, 2015

[AJPW News] All Japan officially announced that the World Junior Heavyweight Championship will be defended on the November 1st show as Kotaro Suzuki defends against Atsushi Aoki. This match following the Oudou Road match on September 12th between the two in which Aoki picked up the win over the champion. This … Continue reading