This Week in Japanese Pro Wrestling V.6 (4/15/2011)

The full cards for the next 2 NJPW shows have been released. The bigger match added for ths shows is on 4/19 with a big 6 Man Tag match which showcases NJPW vs. DDT. Also on 4/19 the first wave contestants in the upcoming “BEST OF THE SUPER Jr.” tournament … Continue reading

AJP “Champion Carnvial Day1”, NEVER.6 “Road to the BOSJ Day2” & Osaka Pro Results for April 8th, 2011!

AJP “GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival”, 4/8/2011 (Fri) 19:00 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,600 Spectators (1) GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival ~ B Block: Seiya Sanada vs. Joe Doering Winner: Sanada (9:36) with a Rolling Back Leg Capture Clutch (2) GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival ~ A Block: Ryota Hama vs. … Continue reading

ZERO1 (10th Ann. Show), NJPW (Cup Day 1), All Japan, BJW, DDT, Kensuke Office, Osaka, JWP & Okinawa Results for March 6th, 2011!

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 “BIG MARCH Presents PRO-WRESTLING 2011 in Ryogoku Kokugikan ~ 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW”, 3/6/2011 (Sun) 15:00 Tokyo Ryougoku Kokugikan (0) Rikiya Fudo & Fugofugo Yumeji vs. Shinsuke Jet Wakataka & Yusaku Kowata Winner: Fudo ( ) over Kowata. (1) NWA International Jr Heavyweight Championship Match: [Champion] Craig Classic … Continue reading

All Japan News for Feb. 14th, 2011!

All Japan held a press conference today in Japan and it was mainly held to begin the build up for the event coming up on March 21st (3/21). Taiyo Kea and Akebono lost the World Tag Team Titles to KONO & Joe Doering on Feb. 6th in a somewhat controversial … Continue reading

NJPW, BJW, All Japan, Osaka, K-Dojo, Okinawa & Stardom Results for Feb. 12th, 2011!

NJPW “NEW JAPAN ISM 2011”, 2/12/2011 (Sat) 18:00 Osaka Prefecture Gymnasium Stadium II 1,550 Spectators (overcrowded) (1) Tiger Mask, Ryusuke Taguchi & KUSHIDA vs. Jado, Gedo & Tomohiro Ishii Winner: KUSHIDA (11:38) with the Midnight Express to Gedo. (2) Manabu Nakanishi, Strongman & Kohji Kanemoto vs. Giant Bernard, “The Machine … Continue reading

Kensuke Office, NJPW, All Japan, Osaka & Okinawa Pro Results for Feb. 11th, 2011!

Kensuke Office “Feb. 11th, 2011 (Fri) 12:00” ~ Take The Dream 2011 in Korakuen ~ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 600 Spectators (1) Kensuke Sasaki 25th Anniversary Match: Kensuke Sasaki & Takashi Okita vs. Manabu Nakanishi & King Fale [NJPW] Winner: Sasaki (18:58) following the Northern Lights Bomb to Fale. (2) … Continue reading

All Japan, Osaka & Okinawa Results for Feb. 10th, 2011!

All Japan Pro Wrestling “Excite Series 2011”, 2/10/2011 (Thur) Fujisan Messe in Shizuoka, Japan 1,050 Spectators (1) Shawn Spears vs. Jake O’Reilly Winner: Spears (7:30) with a Diving Body Press. (2) Kaz Hayashi & KAI vs. Shuji Kondo & Hiroshi Yamato vs. Minoru & MAZADA Winner: Kondo (10:41) following the … Continue reading

All Japan & NOAH SEM Results for Feb. 8th, 2011!

All Japan Pro Wrestling “EXCITE SERIES 2011“, 2/8/2011 (Tues) Toyohashi City Gymnasium in Aichi Prefecture 1,050 Spectators (full) (1) Seiya Sanada & Shawn Spears vs. Ryota Hama & Takumi Soya Winner: Sanada (8:58) with a Boston Crab on Soya. (2) 3 Way Tag Match: Kaz Hayashi & BUSHI vs. Shuji … Continue reading