News Listing for October 21, 2016

~ AAA in Japan : Updated 10/26 card.
~ AJPW : Keisuke Ishii asserts himself as next World Jr. challenge. Onita wants deathmatch rules for Asia Tag challenge at Ryogoku.
~ Apache : Kintaro Kanemura wants a big 6 man tag for his retirement match on 12/27.
~ BJW : Updated 10/31 event card, Saikyo Tag League finals.
~ DDT : Matches announced for the 10/30 and 11/3 shows.
~ FREEDOMS : Full card announced for 10/30 show in Osaka.
~ NJPW : Ricochet visa issues, misses 10/21 show, results from the first round matches of the Super Jr. Tag Tournament.
~ ZERO1 : 3WAY match announced for the UN Heavyweight belt to take place on the 11/6 show at Korakuen. Continue reading

News Listing for September 30, 2016

~ AAA in Japan : Full card announced for 10/26 show at Korakuen.
~ Apache Army : Promotion announced to indefinitely close following WING Kanemura’s retirement at the end of the year.
~ DDT : Next KO-D Openweight title defenses set. Full event card announced for 10/23 show.
~ DNA : Divided blocks and matches announced for DNA-GP in October.
~ DG : Some quick updates following today’s show at Korakuen.
~ W-1 : Full event card announced for 10/10 show. Continue reading

News Listing for September 23, 2016

~ AJPW : Big matches announced for October tour of shows, preludes to Ryogoku show in November.
~ BJW : Notes from Saikyo Tag League, next Deathmatch Heavyweight title challenger potentially set.
~ K-DOJO : Event card updates, TAKA to begin “Road to 25th Anniversary”.
~ NJPW : Results and notes from “DESTRUCTION in HIROSHIMA”.
~ NOAH : Results and notes from the GHC title defenses at Korakuen. Sugiura vs Kitamiya, Maru/Yano vs 50FP, and Kanemaru vs Kotoge.
~ ZERO1 : Updated Tenkaichi final card on 9/29, Light Tag title defense set.
~ MISC : AAA (Some Japanese talent announced for 10/26 show), DNA (Updated 9/30 card), DG (Results from 9/22 title defenses), FREEDOMS (Results from 9/22 show, DTU Ultra-Violent: Xtremo vs Takeda), Sendai (Satomura vs Chihiro H. set for 10/16), VKF (9/22 results, Katsumura vs Kanemoto) Continue reading

News Listing for August 29, 2016

~ DDT : Next set of the title defenses announced for September, 9/3 & 9/4 event card updates.
~ BJW : Saikyo Tag League announced, 9/4 and 9/7 event card updates.
~ NOAH : Results from today’s show.
~ MISC : BASARA announced a one day tournament, AAA to compete in Japan on 10/26, and more matches announced for the Diamond Stars debut show on 9/25. Continue reading