Mogyu: Week of Hiroyoshi Tenzan [Bulk Post: 10/26 – 11/1]

Mogyu: Week of Hiroyoshi Tenzan – V1 [LINK] Another week, another star. This time requested to be a bit of awhile ago by someone who I sadly forget. But nonetheless we see a decorated champion that actually has a bit of a maligned reputation these days, as guy who is … Continue reading

Koji Clutch: Week of Koji Kanemoto [Bulk Post 10-19 – 10/25]

Koji Clutch: Week of Koji Kanemoto – V1 [LINK] After a rousing success of last week with Kawada, this week is something near and dear to my heart personally as this is someone that was a direct influence to me and someone who I think truly optimizes the perfect Jr. … Continue reading

Dangerous K – Week of Toshiaki Kawada [Bulk post: 10/12 – 10/18/15]

Week of Toshiaki Kawada – V1 (10/12/2015) I guess I should go ahead and get this out of the way…I really didn’t want to do this. Not because of quality, God no, this for my money is a top 10 wrestler in the history of the business and I love … Continue reading

Pirate Princess: A Week of Kairi Hojo [Matches and History]

> As always check out the Puroresu Spirit FB Page And follow us on Twitter @PuroresuSpirit and me @DylanZeroPS. Always open to any sort of feedback. But anyway… Hello again, friends. This week we go for someone even more different but with recent and current events, mainly the upcoming Stardom … Continue reading

Genius of Ark: Week of Naomichi Marufuji [Matches and History]

First off, I would encourage all to follow Puroresu Spirit on twitter (@PuroresuSpirit) as well as on the Puroresu Spirit FB Page where you can see Volumes 1-7 before it hits the site. Also to note if you have any comments or thoughts on Marufuji, my other articles, or just want … Continue reading

[Bulk Post] Week of Yuki Ishikawa – History and matches

The man behind at Puroresu Spirit, BushidoRX, is allowing me, DylanZero, to start a new (hopefully) regular feature on here going with a look at a week’s worth of matches of a particular wrestler, spanning big moments of an entire career. To start off with, I’m taking a look at … Continue reading

Puroresu Spirit’s G1 CLIMAX 25 Breakdown

Puroresu Spirit’s G1 CLIMAX 25 Breakdown

The G1 continues their yearly tradition of one of the biggest pro-wrestling tournaments in the world. This year features 20 wrestlers, 15 wrestlers from Japan and 5 hailing from the USA to Tonga, all vying for the chance to solidify themselves as the top wrestler after a grueling drive to … Continue reading

Japanese Pro-Wrestling in 2014, A Year in Review

Below you will see a look back from the major events that happened in the year of 2014 in the land of the rising sun. Keep in mind that I have not covered everything that has been posted throughout this year, but at the top of every month I have … Continue reading


2012 in New Japan saw the rise of the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada, as well as the beginning of a new age with Bushiroad and Takaaki Kidani acquiring the rights to the promotion. New Japan has since taken a drive to become the promotion that they once were back in the … Continue reading

NJPW 40th anniversary KING OF PRO-WRESTLING Event Preview

[KING OF PRO-WRESTLING Event Preview] New Japan will be holding a huge show this coming Monday (10/8) at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan (also known as the Ryougoku Sumo Hall). The event will see every IWGP Championship defended, known as the IWGP5 when all the belts will be defended, … Continue reading