All Japan News for Sept. 21st, 2010! ~ 2 Matches Announced for 10/24!

Coming off the heels of yesterdays event in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. All Japan is setting up for the big event on October 24! First up let’s talk about the shocker of all shockers… Kaz Hayashi beat Tsuyoshi Kikuchi… no that was not really a shocker, lol. The shocker came … Continue reading

IGF “Genome 13” Info and Card Released! IGF is shaping up to be insane if I seeing these cards correctly, and I sure am… I posted the link above so you can see for your own eyes! First up is the announcement of matches that you would be hard pressed to not want to miss. Christopher … Continue reading

NEVER.1 on Youtube + Thoughts

NJPW presents NEVER.1, 8/24/2010 Shin-Kiba 1st RING 300 Spectators (full) New Japan has posted four matches from their first ever show for NEVER.1. If you may have missed what NEVER is all about, kind of think of it as a show all about the younger guys in Japan looking to … Continue reading

AJP News for Sept. 2nd, 2010!

After the big event the other day in Japan things are sort of getting shifted around a bit, especially in the balance of power. [yt]uZeEPE3g2kY[/yt] BUSHI vs. MAZADA will finally settle the score as they will have themselves a Kabejera contra Mascara match (Mask vs. Hair)! Mazada already skipped out … Continue reading

Welcome everyone to the first ever edition of the “The Dojo“. My name is Charles aka RoninTK and my goal is to bring Puroresu (said Pro Wres, u’s are not pronounced) to an American or non-native speaking Japanese audience. As some of you may know I am the forerunner of … Continue reading