This Week in Japanese Pro Wrestling V.6 (4/15/2011)

The full cards for the next 2 NJPW shows have been released. The bigger match added for ths shows is on 4/19 with a big 6 Man Tag match which showcases NJPW vs. DDT. Also on 4/19 the first wave contestants in the upcoming “BEST OF THE SUPER Jr.” tournament … Continue reading

4/10/11 Dragon Gate/ Don Fujii Homecoming results and King of Gate schedule announced!!!!

Gate of Passion 4/10/11 Mie, Messe Wing Mie 1) YAMATO, Cyber Kong Vs Gamma, Genki Horiguchi WINNER: YAMATO over Horiguchi via Gallaria at 14:30 2) Open the Owarai Gate: Kikutaro (C) Vs Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa Vs Saito Ryo WINNER: Kikutaro over Ichikawa via Shining Kikuzard at 12:17 (After the match, … Continue reading

This Week in Japanese Pro Wrestling Week V.5 (4/8/2011)

Following Sundays show the next 2 bigger shows coming up for NJPW have already started building up. NJPW “NEW JAPAN BRAVE 2011”, 4/19/2011 (Tues) @ Tokyo Korakuen Hall () Special Single Match: Togi Makabe vs. Satoshi Kojima ~ These two’s feud is far from over and at yesterdays show the … Continue reading

Dragon Gate 3/22/11 results, Champion Gate Schedule including appearance by Shinjiro Ohtani!!!!

3/22/11 Glorious Gate Shizuoka, Kira Messe Numazu 1) YAMATO, Cyber Kong Vs Gamma, Naoki Tanizaki Winner: YAMATO over Tanizaki via Gallaria at 18:09 2) Don Fujii Vs Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa Winner: Don Fujii via Nodowa Otoshi at 8:34 3) Naruki Doi Vs KAGETORA Winner: Naruki Doi via Bakatare Sliding Kick … Continue reading

Dragon Gate forced to cancel big 3/20 show, DG participates in King of Trios 2011!!!

With heavy hearts, Dragon Gate had to announce the cancellation of their big Compilation Gate PPV on 3/20/11. Due to the continuation of heavy aftershocks that still ripple through the Tokyo area, as well as the fear of radiation meltdown from the damaged nuclear facilities near Sendai, DG officials decided … Continue reading

Dragon Gate Results 3/13-3/14, Fujita “Jr” Hayato coming to Dragon Gate

Glorious Gate 3/13/11- Saga, Morodomi Gym “Heartfull”- Attendance: 1100 1) Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor Vs Genki Horiguchi, Ricochet Winner: Johnny Gargano over Genki Horiguchi via Gargano Escape at 14:02 2) Kenichiro Arai Vs Kotoka Winner: Arai over Kotoka via Half Crab Hold at 10:13 3) Cyber Kong Vs Rich Swann … Continue reading