Pro Wrestling News from Japan for Feb. 18th, 2011! NOAH 3/5 update, MVP in Japan, All Japan update!

NOAH News: Most of the card has finally been added to the 3/5 “GREAT VOYAGE 2011 in Tokyo” show. This is all following the 2/16 show which saw a few challenges made and as you can see below the matches have been signed to indeed happen. Namely in which Taniguchi … Continue reading

NJPW & NOAH News for Jan. 31st, 2011! MVP to Japan, 2/20 Early Card! NEVER.5, GHC Title Match!

Following the match between Kojima and Makabe, Kojima walked away as the winner setting up another match between himself and Tanahashi. This will be the third encounter between these two here in less than a year, but the question is? Will Satoshi Kojima win back the belt or will Hiroshi … Continue reading

Puroresu News and the Final Events for 2010! What is going on in the world of Puroresu!

Sorry for not posting any new news megaposts in a while, but I have been keeping the site, twitter, and the facebook page update as much as I could. Just somethings take a backseat when life calls. Anyways 2010 is almost over and 2011 is right around the corner, at … Continue reading

NOAH News Round-up for Nov. 11th, 2010!

It has been announced today in Japan that Naomichi Marufuji will be returning to the ring come the Dec. 5th Budokan show and he will be facing noneotherthan KENTA, who he called out in the first place when he announced his return. ~ Takeshi Morishima will be returning to the … Continue reading