News Listings for May 15, 2017

~ AJPW : Zeus & Bodyguard vs Daichi & Kamitani set for 5/20, Suwama and Sai injured, and the Fuchi & Onita to defend the Asia Tag belts against Aoki & Hikaru on 6/20.
~ DDT : Updated event cards, No DQ rule added to EXTREME defense on 5/21 and the full event card announced for 5/28 show at Korakuen.
~ NJPW : Full event cards released for the BOSJ tour.
~ FORTUNE DREAM : Takayama off the show due to injury, Hideki Suzuki announced as his replacement.
~ NEW : Kazunari Murakami invades NEW & Inoki Museum, wants match against Suzukawa + Matches announced for 5/21 show in Chiba.
~ Doutonbori : Mihara versuss GAINA and Cooger & Billyken versus TORU & Ra-pid for the WDW belts announced for the 7/16 show.
~ FREEDOMS : Matches announced for 6/4 show.
~ HEAT-UP : Kazuhiro Tamura versus Daisuke Kanehira for the Universal belt announced for the 8/12 show at Korakuen. Continue reading

News Listings for May 10, 2017

~ Atsushi Onita announced his retirement show to be on 10/31 at Korakuen Hall, final tour shows announced as well.
~ DDT : KO-D Tag belts formally vacated due to Takayama being injurred, Takeshita & Akito vs. Irie & Higuchi announced to determine the next champions on 5/21.
~ K-DOJO : GO Asakawa vs. TAKA Michinoku announced for the 5/28 show + 5/14 event card released.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for the next “LION’S GATE” show on 6/15.
~ TOKYO GURENTAI : Another match announced + Kaz Hayashi and Manabu Soya also announced to be competing.
~ ZERO1 : Full event card announced for the 5/21 show at Korakuen – Tanaka vs. Okamoto for the World Heavy belt, Kohei & Hideki vs. Obata and KAI for the Vacant IC Tag belts, and then Kotaro Suzuki will defend the Jr. Double Crown belts against Sean Guinness.
~ MISC : Shuji Ishikawa and Masashi Takeda will be taking part in a special show in Machida on 9/8. The two will be taking on the team of Sekimoto & Miyamoto. Takeda will compete in the USA in June though his full return to the ring from injury is still in question. Continue reading

News Listings for May 8, 2017

~ BJW : Wrestlers announced for “BJW Junior Heavyweight League” + Hideki Suzuki vs Hideyoshi Kamitani set for 5/25 + Updated event cards for May tour.
~ DDT : Konosuke Takeshita vs. Yasu Urano for the KO-D belt officially set for the 5/28 show/
~ FREEDOMS : Updated event cards for the 5/20, 21, and 24 shows.
~ Michinoku : Event card announced for the Korakuen Hall show on 6/18, Sasuke & New Sailor Boys vs Brahman Brothers & Hakushi + GAINA show announced for 7/17.
~ NEW : Full event card announced for the 5/12 show, Suzukawa vs Super Tiger.
~ NJPW : More matches announced for the DOMINION show on 6/11 + Matches announced for the BOSJ 24.
~ TOKYO GURENTAI : Masaaki Mochizuki versus Yuko Miyamoto for the Tokyo Heavy belt announced for the 7/19 show.
~ WRESTLE-1 : UWA 6 Tag defense set for the 5/14 show and Result Championship defense set for the 5/20 show. Continue reading

News Listings for May 5, 2017

~ DDT : Updated 5/6 event card as Takayama is out with a back injury.
~ NJPW : Double main event announced for “DOMINION 6.11 in OSAKA-JO HALL”. Featuring WK rematches as Okada takes on Omega and Naito faces Tanahashi.
~ NOAH : Full tour announced for May tour, with Nakajima defending the GHC belt against Yone on 6/4. The show to also feature Marufuji & Taniguchi taking on Cody Hall & Randy Reign. Brian Cage to be on the later half of the tour.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Next set of title defenses announced, As Ashino defends the W-1 belt against Koji Doi and MAZADA defends the Cruiser belt against Kaz Hayashi. Continue reading

News Listings for May 4, 2017

~ BJW : Full event card released for the 5/15 show.
~ DDT : Takayama loses his rights to challenge anytime, anywhere to Yasu Urano and with that it was also announced that he would be out with a cervical spine cord injury.
~ DG : Full event card for tomorrow’s “DEAD OR ALIVE 2017”.
~ NJPW : Competitors announced for the “BEST OF THE SUPER Jr. 24”.
~ NOAH : Yone set to challenge Nakajima for the GHC Heavyweight belt on June 4 at Korakuen. Continue reading

News Listings for April 27, 2017

~ AJPW : Keisuke Ishii vs. Hikaru announced as the main event for the 4/28 show, Zeus & Bodyguard to join Ultimo Dragon for his 30th Anniversary show in Mexico on 5/27. 30th Anniversary show in Japan set for 8/19.
~ DDT : Takeshita & Akito announced their team name as “ALL OUT”. Yasu Urano to go freelance from the promotion.
~ FREEDOMS : Masashi Takeda out with an ACL injury, event cards updated.
~ NEW : 2 more matches announced for the 4/30 show in Saitama, Akira Joh makes his in-ring return.
~ NJPW : Takashi Iizuka out with a ankle fracture, event cards changed.
~ NOAH : Impact Wrestling’s Bram off of the tour due to a behavior issues. KAZMA SAKAMOTO to fill the openings on the tour.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio to take on Shuji Kondo for his return match on 5/4. More matches announced for that show.
~ ZERO1 : Updated event cards for the 4/30 and 5/6 shows. Continue reading

News Listings for April 25, 2017

~ BJW : Updated event cards, Masashi Takeda out with a knee injury.
~ BASARA : Full card announced for 5/4 show in Osaka, Itadaki 1st day.
~ HEAT-UP : Universal Tag title match announced for 6/4, Kenichiro Arai & Hide Kubota vs Kazuhiro Tamura & Fuminori Abe.
~ K-DOJO : Full event cards announced for the Golden Week shows, Kengo Mashimo vs Isami Kodaka for the ST-K belt set for 5/28.
~ NEW : A couple matches announced for 4/30 show in Saitama.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for LION’S GATE show on 5/9.
~ ZERO1 : Hayato “Jr” Fujita out with injury as the full card announced for the 4/26 Tenkaichi finals at Korakuen + Updated event cards for the 4/28 through 5/6 shows.
~ MISC : Rikidozan honored with WWE’s legacy award. Mitsuo Momota and Chikara accept the honor at his grave-site. All Japan Joshi referee Shiro Abe passed away at the age of 76. Continue reading

News Listings for April 11, 2017

~ BASARA : Kodaka vs Tanizaki announced for 5/4 show.
~ DDT : Updated event cards for 4/14 through 4/29.
~ GUTS World : Results from today’s show + Updated 5/5 card.
~ NEW NEWS : 2 matches announced for the 4/20 show at Shinjuku FACE.
~ NJPW : Title matches announced for next set of shows, Okada vs Fale, Naito vs Robinson, Goto vs Iizuka.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Full card announced for the 4/16 charity show in Kobe. Continue reading

News Listing for March 27, 2017

~ BASARA : Full card announced for 4/6 shows.
~ BJW : Matches announced for 4/12 show in Osaka, Okabayashi & Shingo Takagi vs Daichi & Kamitani.
~ DDT : Updated event card for April shows, Happy Motel final on 4/1, 4/8 Takeshita vs. Paulie, 4/14 DAMNATION Produce.
~ FORTUNE DREAM : Next show announced for 6/14.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for LION’S GATE on 4/13. Outside talent throughout.
~ NOAH : GHC Jr. Tag match set for 4/22, Ishimori & Hi69 vs Ohara & Kumano. Updated event cards for 4/11 – 4/16.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Hayashi announced as the new president of W-1, Kondo to be vice-president.
~ ZERO1 : Masato Tanaka to defend the World Heavy belt against James Raideen on 4/26 at Korakuen. Continue reading

News Listings for March 21, 2017

~ DDT : Next set of title matches officially set, Takeshita vs. Endo for the KO-D belt and Fuanki & Sakaguchi vs. Takayama & & Dieno for the KO-D Tag belts on 4/29. KO-D 6 Tag on 3/25 (New ωrestling Aidoru vs New Wrestling Ameria), Iron Man Heavy Metal on 3/26 (Dieno vs Ryan), DDT EXTREME on 4/14 (Daisuke vs to be announced)
~ NJPW : Okada vs Shibata officially set for 4/9 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan + Full card announced for the show including 4 more title bouts, full tour listed.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Main event announced for the 4/4 show, NOSAWA Rongai, Manabu Soya & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Masayuki Kono, Kaz Hayashi & Kendo Kashin.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Ashino vs Kondo for the W-1 Championship announced for 4/19 at Korakuen, W-1 Tag & Cruiser matches also announced. Full event card also announced for 3/16 show, Doi vs Omen for the Result belt. Continue reading

News Listings for March 17, 2017

~ AJPW : Keisuke Ishii vs Hikaru Sato for the World Junior belt set for 4/28.
~ BJW : Updated event cards, 3/30 & 3/31.
~ DNA : Matches announced for the next show on 4/21 in Shinjuku.
~ FREEDOMS : Updated event cards for 3/23, 4/2 and 4/8.
~ FMW : Full card announced for 3/22 show, Hayabusa 1st Death Anniversary show, Mr. Gannosuke’s FMW return set.
~ J-STAGE : Full card announced for 3/24 show.
~ JOSHI : Manami Toyota announced her retirement to be on 11/3 of this year.
~ NEW : Full card announced for the debut show on 4/5 in Korakuen.
~ NJPW : Semi-finals now set for the NEW JAPAN CUP on 3/19.
~ NOAH : Nakajima set to compete for “The Crash” in Mexico on 4/5. Continue reading

News Listings for March 13, 2017

~ AJPW : All of the matches were announced for the upcoming “Champion Carnival”.
~ NJPW : Updated event cards for the second round shows for the on-going NEW JAPAN CUP.
~ NOAH : Event cards announced for March and early April shows, GHC Tag match set for 4/14.
~ Tokyo Gurentai : Suwama & Shuji Kondo vs. Kotaro Suzuki & Buffalo announced for 4/4 show.
~ ZERO1 : Wrestler and matches announced for the “Tenkaichi Junior League”. Set to take place through April. Continue reading