NJPW (Tag League Day 3) Results for Oct. 25th, 2010!

NJPW 「Circuit2010 NEW JAPAN TRUTH ~G1 TAG LEAGUE~」 (Day 3), 10/25/2010 (Mon) 19:00 New Sanpia Takasaki in Gunma 1,100 Spectators (1) Daniel Puder vs. Tomoaki Honma Winner: Puder (7:14) with a Chicken Wing Armlock. (2) Yuji Nagata, Jushin Thunder Liger & Wataru Inoue vs. Kohji Kanemoto, Tiger Mask & Tama … Continue reading

The Build-up: “The Unchained Gorilla IWGP Champion” vs. “The G1 Climax 2010 Champion” at Destruction ’10!

Tohgi Makabe has had a big year in terms of proving that he is a fighting champion. He debuted back in 1997 as a Junior Heavyweight wrestler and would spend his early career and would not become a heavyweight until he has an excursion around 2001. He would come in … Continue reading

The Build-up: “The Soul of a Warrior” vs. “The Rebel of Strong Style” at Destruction ’10!

Hirooki Gotoh has quickly risen the ranks from a Junior Heavyweight wrestler to a full fledged Heavyweight competitor. With his fighting spirit and a seemingly endless ability to adapt and learn from his previous matches he has become someone who is on the verge of championship glory. Shinsuke Nakamura is … Continue reading