About BushidoRX

I have been following Japanese Pro Wrestling for 20 years now and I have also been doing some form of covering it either in news or results for nearly 15 years as well. I got my start in promotions like AJPW, NJPW, FMW and Michinoku Pro. With All Japan being my go to promotion till this very day. Throughout the years I have followed All Japan more closely than any of the others out there, and thus I have taken it upon myself to keep people informed with what is happening all throughout sport in Japan. If it does not appear on the news feed I either do not follow it closely enough to relate the information or it just not my go to promotion in general. Follow Puroresu Spirit, which is my personal site, as I do my best to keep you all informed with what is happening in the land of the rising sun.

AJP “Champion Carnival Day 2”, K-DOJO & Osaka Pro Results for April 9th, 2011!

All Japan “Champion Carnival 2011 Day 2”, 4/9/2011 (Sat) Korakuen Hall in Tokyo 1,800 Spectators (0) Champion Carnival 2011: KENSO vs. Seiya Sanada Winner: Sanada via Fordeit [Sanada 4 Points] ~ KENSO suffered a concussion at yesterday’s show. (1) Champion Carnival 2011: Ryota Hama vs. KONO Winner: KONO (12:07) with … Continue reading

This Week in Japanese Pro Wrestling Week V.5 (4/8/2011)

Following Sundays show the next 2 bigger shows coming up for NJPW have already started building up. NJPW “NEW JAPAN BRAVE 2011”, 4/19/2011 (Tues) @ Tokyo Korakuen Hall () Special Single Match: Togi Makabe vs. Satoshi Kojima ~ These two’s feud is far from over and at yesterdays show the … Continue reading

AJP “Champion Carnvial Day1”, NEVER.6 “Road to the BOSJ Day2” & Osaka Pro Results for April 8th, 2011!

AJP “GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival”, 4/8/2011 (Fri) 19:00 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,600 Spectators (1) GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival ~ B Block: Seiya Sanada vs. Joe Doering Winner: Sanada (9:36) with a Rolling Back Leg Capture Clutch (2) GAORA SPECIAL 2011 Champion Carnival ~ A Block: Ryota Hama vs. … Continue reading

Puroresu Spirit presents an interview with Craig Classic

Charles Schaeffer here with my first ever interview for this site with Craig Classic. Craig is the current reigning NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion and recently defended that belt against Munenori Sawa at ZERO1’s 10th Anniversary show on March 6th, 2011. He also has the acknowledgment of being the first … Continue reading

NJPW & Osaka Pro Results for April 3rd, 2011!

NJPW “NEW DIMENSION ~Pray, Hope, Power~”, 4/3/2011 (Sun) 18:30 Tokyo Korakuen Hall Spectators (1) Kyosuke Mikami & Hiromu Takahashi vs. Killer Rabbit & Killer Rabbit Winner: Killer Rabbit (8:00) following a Tombstone Piledriver on Takahashi. (2) Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV & Tomoaki Honma vs. Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka … Continue reading

ZERO1, NOAH, DDT, Osaka & JWP Results for March 27th, 2011!

ZERO1 “7th Dedication of Pro Wrestling ~ Yasukuni Shrine Festival of Strength”, 3/27/2011 (Sun) 13:00 Yasukuni Shrine Sumo Field in Tokyo (1) Noble Dreams, Warriors of Hope ~ Bikuma Debut Match: Bikuma, Buffa & Yoshikazu Yokoyama vs. Shota Takanishi, Rikiya Fudo & Naoshi Sano ~ BIG MARCH’s mascot, new partner … Continue reading