About BushidoRX

I have been following Japanese Pro Wrestling for 20 years now and I have also been doing some form of covering it either in news or results for nearly 15 years as well. I got my start in promotions like AJPW, NJPW, FMW and Michinoku Pro. With All Japan being my go to promotion till this very day. Throughout the years I have followed All Japan more closely than any of the others out there, and thus I have taken it upon myself to keep people informed with what is happening all throughout sport in Japan. If it does not appear on the news feed I either do not follow it closely enough to relate the information or it just not my go to promotion in general. Follow Puroresu Spirit, which is my personal site, as I do my best to keep you all informed with what is happening in the land of the rising sun.

All Japan, Legend (Fujinami v. Choshu), NOAH, BJW, K-Dojo, JWP, Osaka & Okinawa Pro Results for Jan. 10th, 2011!

All Japan Pro Wrestling 全日本プロレス, “Shining New Years Series 2011” , 1/10/11 (Mon) (17:00) Hamakita Sports Arena in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 2,250 Spectators (1) Ryota Hama vs. Takumi Soya Winner: Hama (5:03) with a Hip Drop. (2) Masanobu Fuchi & Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. NOSAWA Rongai & BUSHI Winner: BUSHI … Continue reading

All Japan, DDT, Kensuke Office, Osaka & Okinawa Results for Jan. 9th, 2011!

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “Shining New Years Series 2011”, 1/9/2011 (Sun) 18:00 Workers Welfare Center in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture 2,000 Spectators (overcrowded) (1) Shinshu Pro-Wrestling Offer Match: Little Togura, Jigokudani PONTA & Anonymous Chief Clerk Tadano vs. Great☆Mucha, Shinshu Tiger Arrow & Tora Ichiro Winner: Great☆Mucha (12:25) with a Diving … Continue reading

All Japan, NOAH, K-Dojo, Osaka & Okinawa Pro Results for Jan. 8th, 2011!

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “Shining New Year Series”, 1/8/2011 (Sat) 18:00 Tokorozawa City Stadium, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 1,200 Spectators (1) KAI vs. Takumi Soya Winner: KAI (9:09) following a Diving Foot Stomp. (2) Masanobu Fuchi & Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. Ryota Hama & NOSAWA Rogai Winner: Hama (18:14) with a Body Press … Continue reading

K-Dojo News for Jan. 5th, 2011! CLUB-K SUPER on 1/8 and Tag Tournament Update

Kaientai Dojo is looking to come into 2011 and bring the action straight to Osaka, Japan with their first big event of the year. [yt]i5LrAP-PmeE[/yt] K-Dojo presents “CLUB-K SUPER in Chiba ~Chiba Wrestling Festival~”, 1/8/2011 (Sat) 18:30 Location: Civic Center Great Hall in Chiba, Japan (1) Saburou Inamatsu, JOE & … Continue reading

New Japan News for Jan. 5th, 2011! Upcoming Big Match as well as NJ invades the USA!

Coming off of the heels of Wrestle Kingdom there has already been a quick changing of the foundation when it comes to the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Though all it took was one day and New Japan announced that Tohgi Makabe and Satoshi Kojima will be meeting at the “New Japan-ism … Continue reading

All Japan, DDT/Union, K-Dojo & Osaka Results for Jan. 3rd, 2011!

AJPW “Shining New Years Series 2011”, 1/3/2011 (Mon) 12:00 Tokyo Karakuen Hall 1,900 Spectators (1) Osamu Nishimura vs. Hiroshi Yamato Winner: Nishimura (6:11) with a Backslide. (2) Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo, NOSAWA Rongai & BUSHI vs. TARU, Minoru, MAZADA & Super Hate Winner: Minoru (7:46) with the Minoru Special on … Continue reading

All Japan, BJW & Osaka (2 Shows) Results for Jan. 2nd, 2011!

All Japan “New Year Shining Series 2011”, 1/2/2011 (Sun) 12:00 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,100 Spectators (1) Manabu Soya vs. Takumi Soya Winner: Manabu (8:19) with an Elevated Wrench-back Boston Crab (2) Masanobu Fuchi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. NOSAWA Rongai & BUSHI Winner: Kikuchi (6:38) with a German Suplex. (3) Ryota … Continue reading