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I have been following Japanese Pro Wrestling for 20 years now and I have also been doing some form of covering it either in news or results for nearly 15 years as well. I got my start in promotions like AJPW, NJPW, FMW and Michinoku Pro. With All Japan being my go to promotion till this very day. Throughout the years I have followed All Japan more closely than any of the others out there, and thus I have taken it upon myself to keep people informed with what is happening all throughout sport in Japan. If it does not appear on the news feed I either do not follow it closely enough to relate the information or it just not my go to promotion in general. Follow Puroresu Spirit, which is my personal site, as I do my best to keep you all informed with what is happening in the land of the rising sun.

AJPW results for April 28, 2017

~ Champion Carnival Day 9
~ World Junior : Keisuke Ishii vs Hikaru Sato
~ A BLOCK : Kento Miyahara vs Ryoji Sai – Joe Doering vs KAI
~ B BLOCK : Naoya Nomura vs The Bodyguard Continue reading

News Listings for April 27, 2017

~ AJPW : Keisuke Ishii vs. Hikaru announced as the main event for the 4/28 show, Zeus & Bodyguard to join Ultimo Dragon for his 30th Anniversary show in Mexico on 5/27. 30th Anniversary show in Japan set for 8/19.
~ DDT : Takeshita & Akito announced their team name as “ALL OUT”. Yasu Urano to go freelance from the promotion.
~ FREEDOMS : Masashi Takeda out with an ACL injury, event cards updated.
~ NEW : 2 more matches announced for the 4/30 show in Saitama, Akira Joh makes his in-ring return.
~ NJPW : Takashi Iizuka out with a ankle fracture, event cards changed.
~ NOAH : Impact Wrestling’s Bram off of the tour due to a behavior issues. KAZMA SAKAMOTO to fill the openings on the tour.
~ WRESTLE-1 : Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio to take on Shuji Kondo for his return match on 5/4. More matches announced for that show.
~ ZERO1 : Updated event cards for the 4/30 and 5/6 shows. Continue reading

NOAH results for April 27, 2017

~ Global Tag League Day 4
~ Go Shiozaki & Atsushi Kotoge vs Muhammad Yone & Akitoshi Saito
~Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya vs Cody Hall & Randy Reign
~ Naomichi Marufuji & Maybach Taniguchi vs Kaito Kiyomiya & Takuya Nomura Continue reading

AJPW results for April 26, 2017

~ Champion Carnival Day 8
~ A BLOCK : Kento Miyahara vs Zeus – Daisuke Sekimoto vs KAI
~ B BLOCK : Suwama vs The Bodyguard – Shuji Ishikawa vs Kengo Mashimo Continue reading

News Listings for April 25, 2017

~ BJW : Updated event cards, Masashi Takeda out with a knee injury.
~ BASARA : Full card announced for 5/4 show in Osaka, Itadaki 1st day.
~ HEAT-UP : Universal Tag title match announced for 6/4, Kenichiro Arai & Hide Kubota vs Kazuhiro Tamura & Fuminori Abe.
~ K-DOJO : Full event cards announced for the Golden Week shows, Kengo Mashimo vs Isami Kodaka for the ST-K belt set for 5/28.
~ NEW : A couple matches announced for 4/30 show in Saitama.
~ NJPW : Full event card announced for LION’S GATE show on 5/9.
~ ZERO1 : Hayato “Jr” Fujita out with injury as the full card announced for the 4/26 Tenkaichi finals at Korakuen + Updated event cards for the 4/28 through 5/6 shows.
~ MISC : Rikidozan honored with WWE’s legacy award. Mitsuo Momota and Chikara accept the honor at his grave-site. All Japan Joshi referee Shiro Abe passed away at the age of 76. Continue reading

AJPW results for April 25, 2017

~ Champion Carnival Day 7
~ A BLOCK : Kento Miyahara vs Daisuke Sekimoto – Jake Lee vs Ryoji Sai
~ B BLOCK : Shuji Ishikawa vs Daichi Hashimoto – Takao Omori vs Naoya Nomura Continue reading