RJPW results for July 3, 2018

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “Hisashi Shinma Produce ~ Return to Origin ~ World Mask Man Tournament – Opening Show”, 7/3/2018 [Tue] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo
1,523 Spectators

(1) Hayato Mashita vs. Takatoshi Matsumoto (Reversal Gym ALPHA)
Winner: Matsumoto (5:44) with a Cross Knee Bar.

(2) World Mask Man Tournament Match: Don Crocodile (Australia) vs. Super Destroyer Cain (Unknown)
Winner: Crocodile (9:22) with the Crocodile Clutch.
(3) World Mask Man Tournament Match: Hijo de Black Tiger (Mexico) vs. Toscano (Mexico)
Winner: Hijo de Black Tiger (8:21) following a Side Buster.

(4) Hikaru Sato (Pancrase MISSION), Kouki Iwasaki (DDT/DNA) & Brazo de Oro Jr. vs. Baikan Kid, Rey Angel & Mascara Diablo (all Mexico)
~ Brazo (6:11) with a Mexican Stretch on Diablo.
~ Angel (8:03) with a Modified Yamaori on Brazo.
Winner: Brazo (7:12) with a Standing Shooting Star Press on Diablo.

(5) World Mask Man Tournament Match: Black Tiger Jr. (UWA) vs. Super Destroyer Ain (Unknown)
Winner: Black Tiger Jr. (1:09) following a Hybrid Blaster.

(6) Masayuki Kono (W-1) & “3rd Generation Taiho” Yukio Naya vs. Ryoji Sai (LAND’S END) & KAZMA SAKAMOTO (FREE)
Winner: Kono (12:13) following a Shining Wizard on KAZMA.
~ Following the loss, KAZMA called out for a rematch against the super rookie Naya.

(7) World Mask Man Tournament Match: Super Tiger vs. Dos Caras Jr. (Mexico)
Winner: Caras Jr. (11:03) with the Dos Caras Clutch.


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