K-DOJO results for July 1, 2018

KAIENTAI DOJO Tsukuba Taikai, 7/1/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Tsukuba International Conference Hall, Multi-Hall in Ibaraki

~ Taishi Takizawa appeared before the show and announced that he suffered both a neck and hip injury at yesterday’s show. Due to this he will be sitting out today’s show and the event card was changed accordingly.

(1) Tatsuya Hanami vs. Ayumu Honda
Winner: Ayumu (6:32) with a Jumping Rolling Cross Armbar.
(2) Ayame Sasamura vs. Rina Shingaki
Winner: Sasamura (6:06) with a Blockbuster Hold.
(3) Yoshihiro Horaguchi & Latrell Apton vs. Yuma & Taylor Adams
Winner: Yuma (9:42) following a Final Cut on Apton.
(4) TAKA Michinoku & Shiro Koshinaka (FREE) vs. Ricky Fuji & Bambi
Winner: Koshinaka (8:37) following a Hip Attack on Fuji.
(5) Kaji Tomato, Shiori Asahi & Hiroshi Yamato (FREE) vs. Shu Asakawa, Kengo Mashimo & Kyu Mogami
Winner: Asakawa (15:28) following a Short-range Lariat on Kaji.

(6) ST-K TAG Next Challenger Match: Tank Nagai & Ayato Yoshida vs. Kotaro Yoshino & Dinosaur Takuma
Winner: Tank (16:08) following a Diving Senton on Yoshino.
~ Tank and Yoshida move on to challenge Kengo Mashimo & Kunio Toshima for the ST-K TAG belts on July 29th.



KAIENTAI DOJO “K-UP IMPACT in Blue Field ~ 2018 SUMMER ~”, 7/8/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba

() Bambi & Ayame Sasamura vs. Saori Anno & Himeka Arita (both Actwres Girl’Z)
() Tatsuya Hanami vs. Hiroshi Yamato (FREE)
() Yuma, Kotaro Yoshino & Dinosaur Takuma vs. Yuji Kito, Mitoshichi Shinose & Akiyori Takizawa (all ASUKA PROJECT)
() Taishi Takizawa vs. Shunsuke Sayama (ASUKA PROJECT)
() TAKA Michinoku & Ricky Fuji vs. Keiichi Sato (FREE) & Chikara (Riki Enterprise)
() Kengo Mashimo & GO Asakawa vs. Koji Doi & Tsugataka Sato (both W-1)
() Tank Nagai vs. Suwama (AJPW)

Ricky Fuji Debut 30th Anniversary Produce ~ Battle of Fire ~, 7/15/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ Blue Field in Chiba

() Blue Hearts vs Pink Lady Tag Match: Hiroto Hanami & Horror vs Aya & Rina
() YuMichael Jackson vs. Badonna
() T☆TAKIZAWA & Adam Springsteen vs. Komon Kotaro & Demon Takuma
() Mags KISS vs Beatles 8 Tag Match: Shu Stanley, Gene Mashimons, Kyu Frehley & Peter Ayumu vs. Shiori McCartney, Tank Lennon, Ayato Harrison & Tomato Star
() Rock ‘n’ Roll Death Match: Ricky Fuji vs. Hiroshi Yamato

KAIENTAI DOJO “GRAND SLAM in TKP Garden City Chiba”, 7/29/2018 [Sun] 13:00 @ TKP Garden City Chiba, 4F Concerto

(-) STRONGEST-K TAG Championship Match: [Champions] Kengo Mashimo & Kunio Toshima vs. [Challenger] Tank Nagai & Ayato Yoshida

(-) CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K Match: [25th Champion] Taishi Takizawa vs. [Challenger] Shu Asakawa
~ 5th title defense.

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