ZERO1 results for June 9, 2018

Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 “ZERO1 Dream Series”, 6/9/2018 [Sat] 18:00 @ Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo
292 Spectators (crowded)

~ GM Matazo Mimata announced that Obata is still in the hospital and thus will not be competing in next month’s Fire Festival. (If you missed the news, Obata suffered a heat stroke due to dehydration, and he passed out while on the top rope and fell straight down outside of the ring, on the 6/3 show. He in turn suffered a neck fracture/bone chip and is currently under medical care.)

(1) Towa Iwasaki & Shoki Kitamura vs. TARU & Takuya Sugawara
Winner: Sugawara (9:36) following a Lariat on Kitamura.
(2) Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. Yoshikazu Yokoyama vs. Hartley Jackson
Winner: Hartley (7:55) with a Diving Elbow Drop on Yokoyama.
(3) Kohei Sato vs. KAMIKAZE
Winner: Kohei (9:52) following a Piledriver.
~ Respect was shown between the two, as KAMIKAZE will begin his path as a freelance wrestler at the end of the month.

(4) NWA UN Heavyweight Championship Match: [31st Champion] Shogun Okamoto (FREE) vs. [Challenger] Chris Vice
Winner: Okamoto (7:58) following a Backdrop.
~ 1st successful title defense.

(5) NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Championship Match: [26th Champions] SUGI & Masamune (FREE) vs. [Challengers] Ikuto Hidaka & Fuminori Abe (BASARA)
Winner: Hidaka (13:17) following the Iwami-Ginzan on SUGI.
~ Champions fall on their 2nd title defense. Hidaka & Abe become the 27th champions.

(6) NWA World Junior & International Junior Double Championship Match: [121st & 21st Champion] Isami Kodaka (BASARA) vs. [Challenger] Shinjiro Otani
Winner: Kodaka (11:55) following the Isami-ashi-zan.
~ 1st successful title defense.

(7) Yuko Miyamoto (666) & Hiroshi Yamato (FREE) vs. Masato Tanaka & Yuji Hino (FREE)
Winner: Miyamoto (17:43) with a Moonsault Press on Tanaka.
~ Miyamoto with the direct win over the World Heavy & IC Tag Champ.

~ Hiroshi Yamato, Takuya Sugawara, and Towa Iwasaki made it known that they want to compete in next month’s Fire Festival league.
~ Mimata announced that SUGI and Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio will compete under his recommendation.

This years “Midsummer Fire Festival 2018” will begin on July 8th at the Shinkiba 1stRING and run through until the final on July 29th at the Korakuen Hall.

Previously announced officially competing…

☆ Masato Tanaka [current World Heavy/IC Tag Champion]
☆ Kohei Sato
☆ Yuji Hino (FREE)  [current IC Tag Champion]
☆ Super Tiger (RJPW)
☆ Yuko Miyamoto (Dark Promotion 666)
☆ Shogun Okamoto (FREE)
☆ Chris Vice [current UN Heavy Champion]
☆ Hartley Jackson

Newly announced…

☆ Hiroshi Yamato (FREE)
☆ Takuya Sugawara
☆ Towa Iwasaki
☆ Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio (WRESTLE-1)

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